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Serama Chickens!    Our chickens come in Miniature too!


We don't have any babies available right now. When I have babies avaiable, I will post them on here for sale. We can ship anywhere in the US via the USPO for about $50 -$65 which includes the shipping box. I wish I could answer everyone's emails, but time is limited, so if I refer you here, it is to say that this is the place to watch for new chicks.


Young chickens are not sold with a size guarantee. I can give you a guess of final weight, and it will be my best guess, but it is not a guarantee.








Shipping now available!!!! It costs about $65 to anywhere in the US.

Shipping available when weather is above 40 degrees and under 80 degrees at both ends of the trip


"A" sized Seramas are those that weigh no more than 350 grams. So far, most of our Seramas are A sized or B sized.

Seramas make wonderful pets. They tame easily, are not loud and love to cuddle. Click here for a description of Serama Chickens

The next 3 pictures are of young Roos! Look below for the sequence of pictures that show how they change as them mature.

The below slideshow is composed of chicks that have been sold already.


These are some of our parent Seramas. They are A sized, and belong to my daughter, Anna. Her Rooster is just gorgeous and was shipped in from California.


When you buy a young rooster, you need to realize that they change drastically as they mature. Below are 3 pictures ALL OF THE SAME ROOSTER....he is just a baby and the pictures show how he changes as he matures. Look at his color and posture changes.




Our Seramas belong to Jess and Anna, my 2 youngest! Each of them has their own aviary with 3 hens.

Almost Class A at 365 g


They come in beautiful colors!


Class B at 450 grams



For every 2 hens, I ask that you buy a rooster, or else I will end up overloaded by roosters.

Prices may vary depending on quality and color. The prices below are estimates. Each chicken will be priced individually. NO youngsters are sold with a weight guarantee.

Class A (see above red type)

These chickens weigh under 350 grams!

Roosters $55

Hens $125

Class B

Seramas weighing 350-500 grams

Roosters $30

 Hens $85


Class C

Seramas weighing over 500 grams

Roosters $20

 Hens $40


Seramas are classified by weights:

Class A: Up to 350 g (12.35 oz)   

Class B: 350- 500 g (17.64 oz)

Class C: above 500 g


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