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We met Bam Bam while he was being boarded at a miniature horses facility. His conformation spelled reining, and sure enough, that was his specialty. As we looked him over, we saw a bump on the side of his face.
He came to live at our house a few weeks before surgery. Soon after arriving, a vet x-rayed and we knew the tooth problem was serious. His body condition was perfect though as you can see in the videos below. Just because your horse's weight is correct, it does not mean that his teeth are in good condition. You can not tell by looking only at the outward condition of a horse if his teeth need to be floated or not. I am riding him in a halter so as not to hurt his mouth.

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It is the big day. Bam Bam is scheduled to have surgery to remove an infected tooth. A back molar worked its way up into the crack and enlarged the opening. As the crack grew, the tooth split into 2 pieces and food continued to pack into the crack. X-ray revealed that the resulting infection was all the way into his maxilla bone.

Click here to see the veterinarians laying him down while he is under anesthesia. No blood in this video.

Click here to see what kept him breathing through surgery.
Click here to see the surgery **WARNING** There is a lot of blood in this video. My hubby could not take it :)

Click here to see Bam Bam lifted off of the table and put in a "safe room" to be awakened post op.

Click here to see Bam Bam 7 weeks post surgery. He is certainly bringing joy to my little girl!


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