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So, here we are wanting to add more trees to our yard. This used to not be a big deal, for our horses were out in the pasture of course, and NOT in my yard. That is, before the Miniature horses entered our life.  To keep it simple, here are some lists of poisonous plants or trees. This list is not all inclusive, but it includes what I could find as a definitive problem.

At a recent meeting in Payson, the gathering was  alerted to the dangers of the Yellow Starthistle and how it is spreading in the state. It is  known to be in Payson and in  Cave Creek and many other areas. This is deadly to horses, causes them to not be able to swallow. They usually die of dehydration. It would be helpful to contact our representatives and tell them of the seriousness of this infestation to our livestock.






Oak trees , Acorns (quercus species)


Mesquite beans these are not listed as toxic, but I would not let my horses gorge on them

Peach and plum trees, all members of the Prunus species. The wilted leaves are toxic

Oleander (nerium oleander)

Cherry trees and relatives (prunus species)

Red maple (Acer rubrum) wilted leaves are toxic

Black Walnut (juglans nigra)

Black Locust (robinia pseudoacacia)

Horse Chestnut, Buckeyes (aesculus hippocastanum)

Russian olive, also known as oleaster (elaegnus angustifolia) - For more on Russian Olive

Yew (taxus species)

Mountain Laurel

Rhododendrons and azaleas


poison hemlock

sorghum grass

wild cherry trees,

White snakeroot

Black locust trees



This is not a comprehensive list. There is a great resource if you click here for more information. Click here for one more great resource!

Another expert is Gillian and here is their site.



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