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ADS    American Driving Society

ADT   Arena Driving Trial

AMHA     American Miniature Horse Association

AMHR    American Miniature Horse Registry 

ASPC  American Shetland Pony Club - Oldest registry for minis

CDE Combined Driving Event - includes cones, hazards and dressage

Darby   Miniature Horses competing in ones and hazards (like a CDE), with no dressage.

FEI Federal Equestre International

HDT   Horse Driving Trial (dressage, cone and obstacles but no marathon)

HOF   Hall of Fame

IMHR   International Miniature Horse Registry - merged with AMHA

PtHA   Pinto Horse Association of America - color registry, includes a variety of breeds, a variety of sizes, they have a division for horses, one for ponies and one for miniature horses

VSE   Very Small Equine - includes Miniature Horses, Miniature Donkeys, Miniature Mule, any equine under 39"










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