Can I keep my Miniature Horse with my big horses?

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Amazing picture, eh? This picture was taken by Christine Cantrill of Centuar Mini Stud. Christine was very careful to explain that these 2 were supervised while they were together and that her big horse, Poppy, has grown up with the minis. She, like most of us, agree that it is very risky to keep your big horses with your miniatures. Poppy i s 17 H and this miniature was 17" at the time this photo was taken. Miniatures only weigh about 250-350 pounds and it will only take one misplaced kick from your big horse and your miniature could be fatally wounded.

Can Miniatures make good companions for big horses? YES! The miniatures do not seem to realize that they are small and can be a great companion for a big horse....over and through the bars.



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