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Miniature Horse Registries 

If your Miniature Horse is registered, there are 2 prominent registries in America :

AMHA = American Miniature Horse Association - limited to horses under 34". All of our horses are AMHA registered with a few of them being double registered. Beginning in 2013, AMHA will only register those babies that have both parents registered as AMHA. Until 2013, you can hardship a horse into AMHA (from AMHR) if they meet the height requirements. (817)783-5600

AMHR = American Miniature Horse Registry - contains 2 divisions. Division 'A' is for horses below 34" and Division 'B' is for horses 34"-38" tall. Phone: 309-263-4044 and Fax: 309-263-5113

WCMHR = World Class Miniature Horse Registry - a newer registry that does not have the reputation of AMHA or AMHR


Arizona Information

Miniature Horse Association of Arizona is a local Arizona Miniature Horse Club. The contact person is Joan Solheim602-577-7618. The MHAA is an official club, sanctioned

with the AMHA for over 30 years.

The Arizona Driving and Carriage Society sponsors many ADTs and CDEs

Arizona Mini Mystique - If we had our Sundays free, this is who we would join up with. This group looks like they have more fun with their mini drill team. After I first saw them, I was hooked!

The Saguaro State Shetland Pony & Miniature Horse Club is a mini club up north. We are hoping to attend their driving clinics. Click here to read about our first visit with them. They have sponsored fun shows, ADTs and Darbys which we have attended and participated in. Great fun!

azminiatures@yahoogroups.com- This is a great place to meet other Arizona miniature horse enthusiasts. Everything mini is talked about from breeding to showing to wonderful stories and pictures. Come join up!

The American Driving Society

East Valley Miniature Horse Club- Contact Judy Breed 480-982-1315



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