Minis are sooo vulnerable to dog attacks....

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Dogs do attack minis, and easily can kill them. Just today (August 28, 2009), I had a phone call from a good friend in New River. Three minis had been mauled in the night. Two of the miniature horses died and one went to Chaparral Animal Hospital. Please consider this when you have minis.  Go to this link to read the entire story.

The following story was given to me in early 2009....We have never taken the time to give out this warning to the public: Be very careful of stray dogs around your horses. We have heard numerous stories of minis getting attacked by dogs. It is amazing that this mare is alive! This is one tough mare that is very well loved and cared for! Miniature horse lovers around the U.S. rallied around this mare with much prayer, gifts, and even 24 hour surveillance orchestrated  by Heather of MareStare. Every day, I look out the window and see our minis grazing happily on the green grass under the big trees, and it is so hard to think if I looked out there and dogs were tearing them apart!!! Again: be very careful of dogs! We would not be posting this if the mare had died... in other words, she is still very alive! This is the reason that we keep our minis behind fencing that there is no way a dog, (or coyote, in AZ) can get into. Attaching wire panels to our five-railed perimeter fence, made our pasture a safe place for minis.

Minis are very vulnerable to dog attacks! Bella was at a friend of her owner's house in Gainesville, Florida when it happened. Considering that it only happened a few weeks ago, this mini is doing remarkably well. It happened on the night of February 5th, 2009. The friend, whose house Bella was at, went to feed, and Bella did not come running to get her food. The friend looked around the corner, and saw a Rottweiller and a Pit Bull attacking her. After screaming and calling the police, because these two dogs were known to attack things before in the neighborhood, the dogs ran off. The Rottweiller and the Pit Bull were later found at their owner's, covered in blood, and the dog officer was trying to stick up for the owner. The dogs were taken only because the owner said to take them. She previously had another Pit Bull taken for killing animals. Bella was left in a very serious condition. Her throat is not only ripped open, but the flesh is totally eaten off the side of her face, and her back hock area is chewed to the bone. She has several other stitches and bites everywhere. It was a very cold night, so heaters and heated blankets were placed on her to keep her warm and out of shock. She was covered in blood. The Sheriffs were very helpful. One stayed the whole time helping them hold her up while the vet worked on her.

*** The following pictures are very graphic. I can barely look at them myself. There is a lot of blood and guts!!*** We are putting these pictures on here so that you can see how extensive the injuries are from a dog attack!

Here she is now with her face all bandaged:

She is on cam if anyone would like to keep an eye on her... There are two threads over on mare stare for Bella if you would like to read all of the prayers being sent her way and all of the caring people watching her. Here are the two links. The first link is under special watches and the second link is under the prayers and well wishes:;topicseen#new;topicseen#new

We have had a lot of ups and downs but this little mare is a fighter and we are willing to fight the battle with her. There is still a chance for infection since the bone is still exposed but we are doing our best to keep it clean..

There is also a fundraiser for Bella

Please keep Bella in your prayers she needs a lot of hugs...


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