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Christmas was over and Target had their prices slashed by 90%. All that was left on their shelves were Christmas tree stands....."Christmas tree stands!!" Excitedly, I faintly remembered a young 4H girl using them to make poles for a gymkhana horse. I bought 6 stands knowing I could do the same for our miniature horses. My wonderful hubby cut 5 foot lengths of heavy gauge PVC pipe that was 3 inches in diameter.
Then he made "jump cups" that slide up and down the PVC. These cups hold another PVC pipe horizontally. The 3" PVC is the same width as a 2 x 4. So, hubby screwed 1 x 2's onto the side of the 2 x 4 and they squeeze right on! He did make a concave arch in the 2 x 4 to cradle the horizontal bar. The stands are light enough to move around.
They vary in function from being jump holders to being poles that we can drive in and out of and practice maneuverability. Soon, we will take pictures and post them of us using them.

Miniatures don't seem to get the same sort of leg injuries as large horses, either from jumping or from strenuous driving exercise. This could be attributed to their shorter pasterns which do not allow for hyperextension, or because of their lower body weight to bone density ratios.


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