Mini Marathon Penalties

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Contravening the rules Elimination
Contravening the advertising rules Fine
Vehicles below weight or width Elimination
Required persons not on vehicle when passing through a  compulsory turning flag or the start and finish of each section 10 penalties each occasion
Horse unfit to continue at end of section D Elimination
Displacing a dislodgeable element 2 penalties
Preventing an element being dislodged 10 penalties
Motorized vehicle or bicycle in obstacle Fine
Exceeding the time limit in any section Elimination
Any missing or disconnected polestrap or trace 10 penalties
Total time over Time Allowed in all sections .2 penalties per second
Total time under Minimum Time in section A&E .1 penalties per second
Total time in obstacles .2 penalties per second
Failing to carry a whip on the vehicle 5 penalties
Putting down a whip in an obstacle 5 penalties
Failing to pass through Compulsory Turning Flags and Obstacles in correct sequence Elimination
Each deviation from course to last obstacle 10 penalties
Incorrect pace, for every 5 seconds 1 penalty
Intentional break of pace in Section D Elimination
Dismounting while moving 10 penalties
Being stopped for no reason 1 penalty per 10 seconds
Groom handling reins while vehicle in moving 20 penalties
Finishing Section E with less horses than you started with Elimination
Finishing Section E without a wheel Elimination
Finishing Section E with damaged or missing shaft or pole Elimination
Finishing Section E with disconnected or missing trace or pole strap 10 penalties
Failing to pass through entry flags of an obstacle Elimination
Failing to pass through exit flags of an obstacle Elimination
Passing a gate in wrong sequence or direction without correction Elimination
For correction error of course in an obstacle 20 penalties
Passing between exit flags before completing obstacle Elimination
Groom(s) dismounting in an obstacle 10 penalties each occasion
Driver dismounting in an obstacle 60 penalties
Vehicle turning over in an obstacle 60 penalties
Disconnecting and leading through an obstacle Elimination
Exceeding time limit in an obstacle (5min) Elimination
Outside assistance  Elimination

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Penalties for driving your mini  in Cones

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