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Foaling Journal for I AM Ranch Miniature Horses


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Name of Mares due in 2019

Name of Stallion

Last Date Bred

Previous Gestation Length

Due Date (based on 330 days)

Actual Date of Birth

I AM Steam Rollers Legacy Lass    

NM Whispering Pines The Crown Jewel


4/26/19 328 days

311 days

March 21 aborted at day 306, red bag
Classic Views Phantom Duffy



Whispering Pines Kings Attraction


3/31/19 Maiden February 24 Colt birthed on 3/18/20 at day 353
I AM Storming the Pearly Gates



NM Whispering Pines The Crown Jewel


4/24/19   330 days

325 days

317 days

March 19 filly born 3/23/20
Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge


Whispering Pines Kings Attraction


4/25/19 330 days

322 days

329 days

March 20 colt born
I AM The Evenstar LR


NM Whispering Pines The Crown Jewel



5/4/19 Maiden


March 29 colt born 3/25/20

LDS Secreat DandyLion




Whispering Pines Kings Attraction

5/6/19 322 days

333 days

March 31  


February 26, 2020. We lost the Lassie Luke baby at 1 am. It was a solid silver colt and a red bag. Lassie's bag was very large, but we had no idea that this would be the outcome. Heartbroken!!!!!!

March 14, 2020 Derby's baby has dropped down!

March 15, 2020  Sprinkles and Derby both have HUGE bags and have had them for about a week. Elle is still smaller and Arwen's bag is blowing up. Dandy too is just getting a bag.

Our eyes are on Sprinkles, Derby and Elle often 24 hours a day!  Their pH is testing high and their calcium is not testing ready yet either. It is Sunday and I just called Jessie home from church, for Derby is acting suspiciously. She is laying down a lot and looking at her belly.

Mid February, I had to treat Sprinkles for placentitis because her bag was blowing up prematurely. Her bag is now appropriate.

March 16, 2020 Arwen is at day 317 and numerically way behind the other mares. She is also trailing in udder development....But, she is VERY UNCOMFORTABLE and her belly looks dropped.  It is either that or she just carries low.

All mares test too high this morning as far as pH goes.

The corona virus is shutting down America. I am concerned our upcoming Miniature Horse show will be cancelled by Westworld. God's Word is my refuge. He is my strength and my hope and quiets all anxieties. Joshua 1:9 says Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go."

The board voted to cancel the Arizona show and attempt to reschedule for May. I had a home reserved for our show and they are REFUSING to refund my money. This cancellation is out of my control. Lesson here? Use AirBnB next time.

AirBnB is refunding full money when someone has to cancel due to the Coronavirus, but VRBO is NOT!!!! Prepare for war.

3/17/2020 Elle is on day 352!!!!! Enough to make a grown woman crazy! She is bagged up, but her pH is testing high.

3/18/2020 Elle is having a baby soon!! Today or tonight!!!!!

Sure enough, Elle laid down to have her baby late in the afternoon just as a huge thunder and lightening storm hit! It was coming down so hard that we could not hear ourselves talking in the barn. Tremendous wind made this birth very cold. A bay roan colt was born who is both cuddly and frisky. He was a redbag, but we were on top of it and he arrived healthy. All seems well!

I suspect his name will be Flash and I AM The Rain Attraction or I AM Attracting the Storm or....... There were flash flood warnings going off on all of our phones as we pulled him out.

3/19/2020 We are now waiting on Derby and Sprinkles, but Arwen is still suspicious too. Dandy seems a few weeks off. No mare is testing ready though.

3/21/2020 Sprinkles has tested ALMOST ready since yesterday morning. Her milk is thick and does not absorb on the strip, but there is slight hint of green to it still. I can look back in foaling journals for previous years with her and I see that she waits to foal until the hint of green in gone on the strip. I couldn't sleep last night though in anticipation. I am hoping tonight. Unbelievably excited to meet this baby!!! Her bag seems as big as it can get, but somehow manages to be bigger each morning. Derby is still way high on pH as is Arwen and Dandy. The latter 2 are bagged up, but have  a ways to go.

3/23/20 Well, Sprinkles refused to give up her filly until her pH did not show any green specks at all, even if it sat on the strip. She tested ALMOST ready for a few days and we were on high alert. She tested 100% ready this morning and she gave us a beautiful Bay Pinto filly around 9 pm tonight. The birth was a smooth one as has been all of Sprinkles' births. The baby is super leggy and did not take to nursing until about 2 hours after being born. I was beginning to think that I needed to do the foal squeeze, but once she took off nursing, she was good to go. Praising God for this first baby of Luke's!!!

3/24/20 The 3 remaining mares are all testing with too high of pH, but their udders are large with Derby being the biggest and Arwen being the most uncomfortable.

3/25/20 Arwen continued to be very uncomfortable. I even called my vet the night of the 24th because I felt like something was wrong. She acted like she was in an ulcer colic. She had the baby the morning of the 25th, but her milk pH was high even the night before. The morning of the 25th, it had dropped and we knew baby was coming. She foaled out a beautiful tiny black colt, but Arwen continued to be miserable and not stopped eating. Her peristalsis in her rectum had stopped and she stopped pooping. I gave her 100  ml of oral mineral oil 2 x per day, a teaspoon of epson salts 2 x per day and enemas whenever she was straining. I soaked her feed, and put her on Equine Senior. After about 4 days, she returned to normal. Very thankful

 3/29/20 Derby foaled a very large clone of Monty. Her pH  dropped about 24 hours before. The birth was textbook and occurred mid morning.

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