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Foaling Journal for I AM Ranch Miniature Horses


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Name of Mares due in 2019

Name of Stallion

Last Date Bred

Previous Gestation Length

Due Date (based on 330 days)

Actual Date of Birth

McCarthy's Cameo I AM The Only One


352 gestation

340 gestation

345 gestation

325 gestation
4/4/2019 I  AM Chasin Honeybees born on 5/1/19
I AM the Mona Lisa Mystery

I AM The Only One


5/12/2018 maiden



I AM the Eeye of the Tigger born on 4/19/19

342 days gestation

I AM an X Quiz It Monet


I AM The Only One

5/21/2018 maiden 4/16/19 I AM BouncyTrouncyFlouncyPouncy born on 4/25/19

348 days gestation

 3/7/19 So here we are flying by Treasure's due date and she is not even wearing a foaling halter yet. Her bag is slowly filling and we are thinking we have time. I do sleep in a very bright room, for my foaling cameras are on....but I am mostly sleeping!

4/9/19 Our family leaves tomorrow for 3 days. Left here is Dad, Lisa and dear Mrs R.  to deal with pregnant mares. Monet has the biggest udder. Very prayerful about these births, especially after losing our Ragtime baby. I have not put details anywhere about this and still feel sick when I think about it.  She was Rag's only baby for this year  and she was Treasure's first filly. She was stunning! Rags transformeed Treasure's long face into a beautiful head with his big eyes. The baby had a very twisted cord and the vets tend to think she was dead before delivery and didn't participate in the birth.

4/19/19 I AM the Eeye of the Tigger born on 4/19/19  342 days gestation. Mysty's milk was very sparse prior to birth and was still testing high pH when Tigger was born.

4/24/19 McCarthys Cameo is at 350 days of gestation and Monet is at  338 days of gestation...Who will go first??? Monet gives us very very little milk  and it is still light green or too high of pH.  McCarthys Cameo has lots of milk, but the pH is also too high.

4/25/19 Monet had her baby at 10 PM!! Her milk strips did not test that she was ready, but our beepers alerted us and to the barn we all went. We were blessed to share this birth with 2 young ladies who had never seen a foal born before. The presentation was correct, but one hoof tried to come out the rectum and had to be redirected.  A beautiful black filly was born. The baby did get impacted with her meconium and is hospitalized currently. Please pray that this impaction passes.

4/27/19 I suspect that McCarthys Cameo will foal within 24 hours. Her milk strips are also saying that the pH is too high, but her behavior seems like she is ready. Her udder feels ready too.

4/30/19 Okay, I forgot how THEATRICAL this mare is! She is finally testing with a pH that says it's "foal time!" Last night, her strip was still light green, but today, the milk is thick and the strip stays yellow. It is time! Please pray that God is glorified in all that happens whatever the circumstance!

She is at 356 days gestation. This is her 5th baby for us.! Her others were Lassie, Gentry, Monet and Cindi!



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