So, what is a Mini good for?? Just, what do you do with those miniature horses?

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I asked myself that question many times before the miniatures captured my heart and now it is so obvious to me!

First, they are wonderful companion animals. Their docile nature and sweet personalities are so endearing.

But, one can have a dog and meet the same need, right? Horses and dogs are very, very different. This partly stems from the fact that one is a prey animal and one is a predator. They also learn very differently. But, there is another whole world to minis.....

Proportionately, the Miniature is quite possibly the strongest of all horses. It can pull twice its own weight compared to a draft horse who can only pull approximately half its own weight.

Showing minis is very popular and the classes are diverse. Halter classes get the most participants, but there are also obstacle, jumping and driving classes. Driving is what I love to watch, and it too, is diverse. The driving classes vary depending on the movement, the head set, the speed and the attitude of the horse. Most exciting to me are the Single pleasure horses and the Roadster horses. Here is a video of a champion Roadster class! And, watch some beautiful "single pleasure movement" as Blueberry Muffin is shown at an auction.

Jumping competition in Minis is amazing. They seem to have springs in their legs. Watch Leaping Larry by clicking here. This 30" mini clears 44"!!!

Miniatures are wonderful for pleasure driving too. Children love to be taken around the neighborhood in the carts. Miniatures can hurt you but are not nearly as dangerous as big horses. At Christmas time, the miniatures are wonderful to take caroling. Click here to see our Christmas Miniature Horse Light Parade. We have celebrated many a birthday with our miniatures and carts. Birthday time...Perry turns 16!!

Visit our "video index" to see many more of of these celebrations.

My children love to pony a mini when they are out bike riding or zooming along on their scooter.
If you live in snow, this is another great way to exercise your miniature and yourself! This is Val and her handsome friend in the pictures on the left.

After my youngest saw this, she adapted this to the Arizona winter and hooked up Warrior to a electric scooter.


Another mode is to have your mini take you for a spin on a unicycle.

My silly youngest daughter hooked a mare up to a wheelbarrow a few weeks ago. She won't be doing this anymore, but I caught it on video. Click here to see her pulling a wheelbarrow  Jessie gets in the wheelbarrow on the way back. At the very end of this video, you can see the start of a wipeout. I ended that fun so now the mare pulls her on her scooter.

If you live in the mountains and like to hike, minis can make a wonderful pack animal. Look at Scotty wonderfully outfitted and loved by Michelle.  He hauls our fish out the of backcountry for us. He loves this job...he climbs like a goat and isn't afraid to take anything on...from jumping logs to crossing creeks, even if they are deep. 

Ever heard of Hoofball? Our very imaginative farrier actually plays miniature hoof ball with her stallion. She drives a chariot while playing "soccer" with her miniature horse. This video was taken with a cell phone so it is not the clearest, but click here to watch Susan and her stallion. And, if you have a miniature and need a good farrier, give her a call.

Many miniature horse owners love to enter parades! Without trying, we won second overall in the Surprise Arizona Memorial Day parade this year. I know it was not because of any of us....the judges just could not resist the charm of a miniature horse!

That charm delights both the young and the old. As a result, many miniature horse owners bless others by using their horses as therapy friends in nursing homes and in children's hospitals. Click here to see our recent visit to a nursing home.



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