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Where to sharpen clipper blades and repair clippers in Arizona?

When miniatures were bred down, they did not lose any hair follicles. Thus, they have very thick hair and many of us miniature horse enthusiasts spend much time behind a good pair of clippers, trying to see what our mini looks like inside of his fur coat. Come breeding season, we clip the belly of mares to reduce the possibility of hair colic. In the winter, those of us who drive miniature horses clip to allow quicker drying for a sweaty horse.

Jim Mead sharpens clipper blades 602 620 1105  and his prices beat the competition.! He repaired my clippers last time and did a great job on that too!! I now use Jim when I need help with clippers. He can also be reached at jimmead@q.com

Ryan's Pet Supplies here in Phoenix sharpens blades, and fixes clippers (except Laube's). You can send them to them, or bring them in person. Their address is: 1805 East McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ, 85006. Their phone # 1(800) 525-7387.

I merely mail in my blades with my name, address and phone number. They call me for payment and ship them back. Quick and easy!!

If you come in person, you can even shop in their wholesale store. They have an extensive catalog and I find them a great place to buy crates. They also have the choke leads that you can use on the end of your miniature horse show leads. They deal mostly with dog and cat items, and things for the people that groom them.

One more tip....When you buy a new pair of blades, always wash them first in blade wash. There is a preservative on them that makes them go dull if it is not removed. Wayne of Merrie Ribbons Miniatures also gave us great advise. When we are clipping, we soak our blades in kerosene. It both cleans them and lubricates them at the same time. I love how it maintains my blades!

There is an incredibly hard working young groomer named Brooke the Clipper Girl and she has put out a video of clipping techniques. You can visit her page on facebook by clicking here