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Care of the Newborn Foal

Entropin of the eye

The proud owner of a newborn foal should call their vet to have him assess the condition and treatment. This is an eye from one of our babies this past foaling season. Our vet has always recommended suturing  a pinch of skin around the eye to keep the eyelid and eye lashed out and correct the problem. As you can see, this foal's eyelashes are laying on her eyeball and she was tearing excessively on that first day of her life. Without treatment, an ulcer may develop or even infection or permanent scarring. As soon as this condition is noticed, a veterinarian should be called to treat the eye. My vet also tells me to consider any eye problem an emergency, so do not delay in calling your vet.

We were advised by another breeder to just trim the eyelashes very close to the lid, and there was a possibility of them growing out properly. The first time we saw this was in 2007 and now in 2014, it happened again. Both times, we trimmed the eyelashes very close and the problem was resolved. 

I Am Ranch Miniature Horses is sharing with you what we do to maintain the health of our horses. This is not intended to direct you on how to care for your horse. The intent of this is only to share what we do, and raise questions for you. We advise you to consult your veterinarian before making any changes in your horse's health care. The information found on our website is not to supersede the advise of your veterinarian. I AM Ranch Miniature Horses cannot be held liable for the care of your horse(s).

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