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 America's Favorite Dog!  The Labrador Retriever!

(Deposits are non refundable, but transferable to a future litter.)

Ember and Dockers had a litter for the first time. Pups will be ready to go home mid January 2023

Sire is Dockers who is the big Chocolate pictured below!

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All of our puppies are sold on a Limited  AKC  Registration





We are small hobby breeders that love our Labs and our privileged to own an excellent line of Labradors. We strive to produce the dog that America fell in love with; one that is not hyper, but an ideal companion dog, eager to learn and is at home in your living room, in the hunting field and in the backyard.

Our goal is for the original intent for the breed, the all versatile dog. Thus, we do not only breed from English lines, nor solely from American lines. Our puppies have the American stamina and athleticism, with some of the English build for better strength and bone substance. Our goal is also to provide you with a family companion and/or hunting dog that will be with you for a dog's lifetime. Thus, we do the preliminary genetic testing, x-rays, bloodwork, etc  to do what we can to provide this. Look at our dogs below and you will see good bone size and strength.

We can see why the Labrador Retriever has been voted the Most Popular breed in America. Labs have held that title with AKC since 1991 with Yorkshire Terriers in second place. In 2008, there were 100,736 Labradors registered with AKC compared to  the next in line, 41,914 Yorkshire Terriers. Labradors are known to love children as much as they love being out in field playing in water and mud. They are eager learners and score high in obedience trials.

We have dogs here representing 6  generations of our bloodlines.


I call Doc our "football player" or "bear" due to his incredible size. You just have to meet him in person to get a feeling of the size of his bones and his neck.  He is one big thick boy. His mother was an English girl who gave him her big blocky head.

Often, I hear that Chocolates are higher energy or crazy...ours are NOT.  You can easily see that with Dockers!

  Doc is clear due to parentage testing for EIC, CNM, PRA (eyes), and DM (Degenerative Myelopathy).  Dr. Stevens DVM rated his hips as an "Excellent" during the OFA x-ray and his elbows are clear of dysplasia!

Here is link to see more pictures of why we think Doc has such a great temperament!

I AM Doc Holliday

Click here to see his health certifications.




Dam of current litter!

This will be Ember's last litter and then my youngest daughter wants to give Emmy a home for her retired years. She has had 2 other litters and the pups from those litters are fantastic. I kept a male from her and adore him. He is here for you to meet and is a 100% full sibling to these pups!

Ember is a super sweet calm dog who loves her people and wants nothing more than to snuggle. She adores my grandchildren and allow them to maul her and crawl all over her.

She is a mix of English and American lines and is a shorter dog with a beautiful face. Crossing her legs when she lies down endears her to us even more!



Kimber has had her hips OFA'd and received an "excellent" rating. Her elbows are clear too!

She is  wonderfully loyal and trustworthy dog. While I am cleaning stalls, she is the one who follows me into each one and lays there while I clean. I should teach her how to pick out a stall! Love her calm temperament. She is big boned and weighs about 75 lbs with no fat.

This is her first litter but her full sister, "Ember" has had 2 other litters with Dockers. Those pups turned out beautifully!

The pups will be ready mid September, 2022


I can guarantee that our puppies are free from CNM and EIC. These are 2 debilitating conditions being found in Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs have been tested and none of our puppies will be affected.

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The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.