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 America's Favorite Dog!  The Labrador Retriever!

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We are small hobby breeders that love our Labs and our privileged to own an excellent line of Labradors.  We strive to produce the dog that America fell in love with; one that is not hyper, but an ideal companion dog, eager to learn and is at home in the hunting field as in the back yard.

Our goal is for the original intent for the breed, the all versatile dog. Thus, we do not only breed from English lines, nor solely from American lines. Our puppies have the American stamina and athleticism, with some of the English build for better strength and bone substance. Our goal is also to provide you with a family companion and/or hunting dog that will be with your for a dog's lifetime. Thus, we do the preliminary genetic testing, x-rays, bloodwork, etc i to do what we can to provide this. Look at our dogs below and you will see good bone size and strength. You will also see that they are long legged .

We can see why the Labrador Retriever has been voted the Most Popular breed in America. Labs have held that title with AKC since 1991 with Yorkshire Terriers in second place. In 2008, there were 100,736 Labradors registered with AKC compared to  the next in line, 41,914 Yorkshire Terriers. Labradors are known to love children as much as they love being out in field playing in water and mud. They are eager learners and score high in obedience trials.

We have dogs here representing 5  generations of our bloodlines.

There is a new litter at Tin Star Labradors!!


We will be having a litter of Chocolates Labs! The mother is Amber (see below) and the father is Magnum.

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Full siblings can be seen here.


Amber is  a daughter of Goldie and has much of the same temperament,  along with her big broad head. Goldie is retired now and spends her days with us in our barn. Amber's  sire is Phoenix from Richochet Labradors. Amber is a blend of the English and American lines., but has much of the stockiness of the English. She does have  good drive and would make a great hunting dog. Amber had her prelims done and was given a good by OFA.  We also have done PRA testing on the eyes of all of our pups and know that none of the pups can have the genetic eye condition.


To see Amber's 2016 litter ,  click here.

 I AM Chasmal Amber

Clementine is pictured here with Winston at 5 months.  Clementine's sire is Phoenix who has been the top dog at Richochet Labradors for years. Clem is a daughter of Annie (see below row) and is a quiet, petite girl. Winston is huge and my "monster." He looks like one of my miniature horses when I glance down the pasture and see him running in the grass. r

Click here to meet Clem's 2017 litter

I AM Clementine


Molly and Magnum  have had previous litters of gorgeous litters!!. These pups will be good family companions and hunting dogs.  Magnum had his hips assessed by Dr Stevens of Sunburst Animal Hospital and we are celebrating his good OFA status. He also had his eyes CERF'd and passed that exam! He also got a clear on the PRA exam!! Magnum is a huge boy with a huge heart!!


I AM Sunshine Molly


Despite not having her OFA x-ray until the ripe old age of 5, Molly still rated excellent on hips!  Molly is a daughter of our foundation female named Nina.



I can guarantee that our puppies are free from CNM and EIC. These are 2 debilitating conditions being found in Labrador Retrievers. Our dogs have been tested and none of our puppies will be affected.

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