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Wee Wee's Double Magic Lady

 AMHA and AMHR       DOB 6/23/93

Magic is a super sweet and gentle mare that I can hand over to any inexperienced person and trust her to take care of them. Whenever we have a family over to drive the neighborhood with us, I can allow them to drive Magic. Despite being older, she still trots on with the rest of us. She is great with little kids, doesn't spook, and also has the bloodlines that are reflected in her beautiful babies! We drive her regularly and she has a sound mind and a great trot!

This is Magic and her 2010 baby the day after baby was born! She looks great for just having had a baby.

 Her record as a broodmare is incredible.


Her 2008 filly, Painted Suns You Gotta Have Faith


I AM A Joyful Irish Lady (2010 filly)


Magic's 2000 baby was named EW TENDER HEARTS DESIRE.   Click here to see  Austin Van Wyck drive him in Country  Pleasure! This gelding won 5th place Amateur Single Pleasure at Worlds and 4th in Gentlemen's Roadster ..


Magic's '97 baby is named EWs Magic Destiny and is a National Champion.  The father of this mare is Sonoita Highlands Heartbreaker. John also calls her "Magic," too. She has placings in Single Pleasure classes and in Country  Pleasure.  This beautiful mare is in the Hall of Fame/



If you watch our driving videos, Magic is always driving with us. Anyone can handle her rock steady attitude. She is part of the team in the parades. You will see her on the team pole in the 2010 Fiesta Bowl Parade on January 2, 2010. She had her baby on January 26, 2010. She also is in the Christmas videos every year, but this was the first year that she was part of a team. Even my non-horsey husband drove her in the Glendale Fireman's parade. The thumbnail picture below is not very honoring of Magic's face, but you can see how she allows us to do anything to her cart and to her while still being a perfect parade horse!
Here are some examples of the many Magic videos on our site......



She is also just the sweetest mare. Kids can handle her, we can do anything to her and she just doesn't care. When we walk out in the yard to catch her, she runs over to us. Magic is just a special mare.

Watch a baby kicking  from inside of Magic's belly. This was Faith (08 filly) kicking in the womb!

Her babies in the AMHA studbook include:

EWS MAGIC DESTINY                                               04/06/1997 Owned by John Votca

EW TENDER HEARTS DESIRE                                   05/10/2000 Owned by Kathleen Hoke, Deceased.

SCMR MAGICS TENDER PAINTED ROSE                   08/10/2001
SCMR SHADOWS FIRST KNIGHT                              02/21/2003

SCMR MAGICS TOP SECRET                                       03/27/2005

PAINTED SUNS YOU GOTTA HAVE FAITH                04/03/2008  Owned by Kim Sawyer

I AM A JOYFUL IRISH LADY                                      01/26/2010  Owned by Linda Crouch


Pedigree below:

Wee Wee's Double Magic Lady


Bar B Double Dose,

 31.25", Solid Black 

Mini Strawberry Buddy, 32"

Red Roan 

Ayers Mini Red Man, 28.5"
Ayers Mini Mother Superior   31.5" Unknown
Kegleys Butterfly, 37" Kegleys Traveler ,  31"         Unknown
Kegleys So What Kegleys Traveler,  31"
Kegleys Sweet Mama

NFC Peppys Lady Sultan,


Sorrel Pinto 

Bond Peppy Power, 30"

 Sire of 8 National Titles, which include 2 National Champion and 6 National Reserve Championships


Bond Showboy, 28.5"


Bond Timbal, 31" Bond Little Joe, 28" , Sorrel, Sire of Buttons Cochise (AMHA Nat'l Single Pleasure Champion)
Bond Mamas Measure, 33"
NFCS Lady Sultan, 33.50" Black Pinto
Flying W Farms Silver Sultan  (29.")
Dell Teras Lady X Dell Teras Mr. Wonderful,  Bay 30."


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