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May 5, 2009

Today is our Tango's birthday. I know he moved to California, but he is 3 years old today! Turbolina and Donny were his parents. They were our first minis and are both still with us.

We just have one mare due this spring to foal. All of us were sad that we will not be having 6 babies like we did last year, but the Lord is in control of even our barn. The mare due to foal is one of my favorite girls. Dream is very correct and balanced, but in addition to her conformation, she is so sweet, calm and is our fastest trotter of all of our mares.  Tonight was the last time we will drive her until after we meet her baby. She hardly fits between the shafts. Her other outstanding attribute is her very feminine eye-catching face. We were able to see one of her previous babies and that same face was on her.

Her last day of breeding to Warrior was July 5, 2008, but she resisted the breeding and was not as anxious. This was a change from her breeding on July 3, 2008 when she was very willing. Thus, I am assuming she took on July 3, 2008. Today is day 306. I start checking our mares after the 300 day mark.

Our cameras are up already and the barn is ready. I need to make sure our foaling kit is in order. Dream was given her vaccination today. I always want to do that within 30 days prior to foaling so that the baby benefits from protective antibodies from the mare. Reviewing our list of what to do 30 days prior to foaling is helping me remember all the necessities.

We were able to witness a breech birth last month, which sadly resulted in the loss of the baby. It was a helpful learning experience and I put a video of that sad night on my dystocia page.

Dream is cooperating nicely with our desires to test her milk to predict time of foaling. She has bagged up and we are able to express milk. A neighbor who bred a daughter of Orion Light Vant Huttenest (yes, an actual daughter!) to our Warrior, is due at the exact same time. This mare has no bag and we are not able to test any milk from her.

May 5, 2009

May 9, 2009


May 9, 2009

In the pictures above you can see how her bag has changed from May 5 to May 9! One of the signs of foaling is when the nipples point straight down. While this is true with many mares, you can see how it is not true with Dream. Her nipples are pointing straight down and baby is not done cooking yet. Tonight her milk strips changed color faster, but only 2.5 squares changed color. We need all 4 squares to change.

Lisa, my oldest daughter, trimmed her feet yesterday. I reshaved her hair. I don't think Dream is nesting, but we sure are.

She is not overly huge, but even though, we could tell way back in the summer of 08 that she was pregnant by the changes in her body and belly.

May 11, 2009

Well, we had quite the shock when we milk tested Dream tonight! We are on day 312!

First of all, teats were much fuller and the one on the right is smaller than the one on the left!! She's asymmetrical :)


Next, her milk was much whiter in color, but not as white as it should be for a baby to arrive. However, there was an apparent change from previous nights.

Lastly, the milk strips changed much, much quicker than they ever have before. By the time a minute was up, almost all four had changed, but the last two still had a little bit of green. We are making progress, but I wouldn't say "tonight." But, the littlest bit of progress excites me.

She also looks a bit more dropped in the belly. The foaling buzzer is on her now and the fly mask is off. She is eating hay peacefully and mom moved solar lanterns around the perimeter of her stall. We also hung the bucket so no newborn baby will drown in the water. We get to sleep tonight! "Goodnight!"

May 12, 2009

At 3:35 AM, the Lord woke me up! I rubbed my eyes as I watched Dream go up and down on the TV that casts its light in my bedroom all through foaling season. Grabbing for my glasses, I just couldn't believe my eyes. This was the night. Bill called me "Chicken Little" later as I ran through our home alarming my daughters. As Lisa and I scrubbed our arms, I prayed and prayed. We got all the way to the barn when I realized I had left the Chlorhexidine in the kitchen. I thought I was doing well to have grabbed my phone, camera, tackroom key and spare camera battery. As I sprinted up to the house, Lisa, Anna and Jess witnessed the feet emerging. Breathless from my sprint, I arrived to meet baby sliding out the back door of Dream! So perfect and so tiny!



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