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Dockers and Clementine Litter

DOB  Nov. 14, 2018


Due to blood testing of our moms and dads and due to even testing their parents, we know that no puppy from this litter can be affected by EICCNM  or Degenerataive Myelenopathy. These are neurological diseases that are becoming very common in Labrador Retrievers. Click here to read about health concerns in Labradors.  We also complete PRA testing on the eyes of our parent dogs to be able to guarantee lack of eye problems.  Dewclaws and vaccinations are taken care of up until their departure date. See the chart at the bottom of each nursery page.  Each pup is sent home, microchipped and with a health record. I do ask the pup's families to transfer the micro chip when picking up their pup.

Puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee as seen on this website


Reserved as a surprise for Marisa's husband!

Clem  Boy 1


"Blue " is going home to live with Anthony and his girls!

Clem Boy 2

Clem Boy 3

This little little boy reminds us of our dog named Molly. She was tiny too. As she matured, she caught up in weight. We are very curious as to his eventual size! He is going home with Sally.

Reserved by Christianne and going to Oro Valley

Clem Boy 4

"Walter?" is reserved by Caitlynn and Tim. He is a licky boy for he gets to live with his Uncle Larry who is a Chocolate Lab that is by Magnum (Docker's dad)

Clem Boy 5

Reserved by Sarah and Emma Claire!

Clem Boy 6 Black

Reserved by Tim and Mattie

Clem Girl 7

"Ruth" is reserved and going home with a man who knows our Labs well! This is his third pup from us!

Clem Girl 8



Clem Girl 9

Ava is reserved by Melissa. She is a very large girl!

Click here to read more about the vision we have for our Labs and about the parents.

 Instructions for the "nesting" Puppy Families!!

We also ask you to order your NuVet now so you also can keep your puppy healthy. This is a supplement that boosts the immune system. Click Here  to order NuVet Plus or call 800.474.7044 and use code #30125.  This supplement is necessary for your guarantee to be valid.

Puppies are weaned onto the Kirkland (Costco) brand of dogfood seen to the right.

These pups will get their first shots on 12/26/2018. They will need their booster shots  on  1/16/19 and on 2/6/19.  We just do three shots in a series, but some vets recommend 4. Please talk to your vet. Remember that your puppy's immune system is not strong until your puppy is 16 weeks old. Thus, I recommend washing shoes that enter your home and keeping your pup home or ONLY around healthy dogs until 3/6/2019 .  Do not take your pup to pet stores or dog parks, and be very careful at the vet's office about what they contact.

All of our puppies are sold on a Limited AKC Registration


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