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DOB 1/31/06   APHA 900,733

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Tommy is a wonderful horse to be around. He is a very personable friendly horse that will literally nicker when  you are scratching him. Sometimes he seems to be more dog than horse. He is an incredible mover, and will slow down and do a Western Pleasure jog or extend into a beautiful hunter trot. He picks up his leads, but has not yet been taught flying lead changes. He is very, very athletic.

I have been asked if he jumps....We have only done fun small jumps with him that are about 2 1/2 feet tall.

I need to take current pictures. He is only 4 years old and beginning to fill out. None of these pictures are current.

This is my only current picture.....We had a neighbor boy visit the other day who is not a horse back rider. We put him on Tommy and the two of them did very well in the arena.
On trail, he is not spooky with my daughter. She has found him to be safe enough to ride bareback all around the neighborhood. Jessie is over 6 feet tall and has been riding him since she was 11. She is now 13.

She did show Tommy as a late 2 year old.



His pedigree is below:


Sire:  Jet Too Rocket

Mr. Tramp

APHA Superior All-Around Champion!!!! The second to the higher APHA Achievement Award . Imagine that a Superior Halter Horse that can MOVE in ALL directions.....That's just the beginning to his list of achievements....APHA Champion, APHA Performance Versatility Award, Superior Halter Horse with 149 Halter points (43 Grands & Reserves) Superior Western Pleasure, ROMs in, Halter, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunter Hack, Heading, Heeling, Steer Stopping, Trail & Barrel Racing, Points in Working Hunter, Pole Bending, and Team Penning. Top 5 and Top 10, 1995 World Show. 343 Lifetime Points**** A proven sire. His get includes, PtHA World Champion Western Pleasure, APHA Champion, Futurity Winners, Point Earners, ROMS, Superior Halter Horses, Top 5 World Show winner.


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