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Boones Little Buckeroo, 30.5" Buckskin

Sire of 29 National Champions!!!

The Buckeroo bloodline is seen in Painted Sun Call Me Success, Short Storys Painted Sun, Chance of Gold's Don Juan, I AM A Blue Eyed Celtic Dream, Versatility Farms Something About Mary Buckaroos Last Tango, Painted Suns Tom Thumb and Crystals Easter Lily.

Boones Little Buckeroo, a living legend! He  gained the title of International Grand Champion at the young age of two years old. He stunned all miniature horse fans again by becoming International Grand Champion just one year later. Then, in 1983 he and Lowell were undefeated. Out of 5 shows, he came home with 5 Grand Champions. He was retired after he won the AMHA National Grand Champion and has been producing more champions at Little King Farm. Look for the Breyer's horse that is modeled after him!

The Buckeroo bloodline is so sought after because of his ability to pass on his gorgeous expressive face with the large eyes, his long neck and strong topline and finally, his get possess an athletic presence with natural action and a presence that is way bigger than their mini size!


Boones Little Buckeroo


Poplar Lanes Sampson (31") sorrel


Johnstons Vanilla (34")

Gold Melody Boy  33"

Vanilla 3rd (33.5")


My fascination is driving and he is found in many of the greats. He did produce some all arounds that did well in the halter arena and in the driving arena, but neither of these arenas were as extreme as they are today. Here are direct sons who were/are phenomenal driving horses.
Little Kings Bolero (Nat値 Champion Single Pleasure)
Little Kings Buck Easy (Nat値 Champion Single) (produced many of Mike McCabe痴 wonderful drivers)
Little Kings LF Buckeroo Zorro (2 World Champion and 2 Reserve World Champion in Single Pleasure)
Spice of Life Saffron (Nat値 Champion and Reserve Nat値 Ch Single Pl)
Little Kings Buck All You Can (2 World Champions in Country Pl and 2 Reserve World Ch in Country Pl)
Little Kings Buck Magnificent (2010 World Grand Champion in Country Pl and 3 other Champions in Country Pl)
Little Kings Buckeroo Cash in Hand
Little Kings Little Bucker (Reserve Nat値 Champion in Roadster)
Then he had daughters who sired more phenomenal driving horses....
Little Kings Buckeroo Taboo (mother of Abrias Daring Endeavor 2010 World Champion Country Pleasure)
Little Kings Buckeroo Misty Blue ( mother of Little Kings Brumby Buck)
I am just skimming over the names I can pull up, but there are so many accomplished drivers. If I were to keep going on into the next generations, hundreds of drivers are there.
I regard Buckeroo as one who made huge contributions. He was amazing compared to the other horses of his era, being born in 1978. Look at the other minis of his size at that time period....many of them were "dwarfy" looking. Buckeroo and the Little King Farm helped promote minis in a way that no one else was able to do.

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