Short Storys Painted Sun


Son of Buckeroos Top Cat out of a Skip a Star/Roan Ranger mare


Click here to see mom driving him. I am not a trainer. We have only been driving minis for about 3 years. I think he would excel under a real trainer.

Click here to see my 12 year old driving him for her second time. He breaks gait with her, but my daughter is learning and so is he.

Click here to see him driving in our neighborhood.... he makes a great "trail" horse!


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AMHA registered, 32.5"

This leggy, gorgeous, refined buckskin is now driving!  I am really looking forward to developing him into a Country Pleasures driving horse. At just 3 years old, I have found him to be a quick and willing learner. He is the son of Buckeroos Topcat and a daughter of Skipa Star! His grandmother, Boones Little Maude, graces the lines of many great driving horses. On his dam's side is Skipa Star and Roan Ranger who goes back to Gold Melody Boy. Dels Cowboy has also made a name in the driving arenas and is on his Dam's side.

On the Little Kings website is a baby selling for $20,000. That baby's mom (Little Kings TC Marquis) is a full sister to our Short Storys Painted Sun. This baby is called "Marquis 08 Filly."


Sequel is a stunning buckskin that looks silvery in the daylight. The pictures where he looks more yellow were taken at dusk.

I drive him about 3-4 times per week all over the neighborhood. He was in some parades ever the last few months and even went to a driving clinic this past weekend. He is refined, leggy and would make an awesome halter well as country pleasure driving.

Sequel has wonderful feet and legs.

Sequel entered his first parade in December of 2008. He pulled many a caroler around the neighborhood during the Christmas season.

This video shows him going out for a neighborhood caroling.

Sire: Buckeroos Top Cat (33")

National & Reserve National Champion; & National Grand Champion Producer

Boones Little Buckeroo (30.5") Buckskin


Sire: Poplar Lanes Sampson (31") sorrel


Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Dam: Johnstons Vanilla (34") palomino


Gold Melody Boy (33")


Dam: Vanilla 3rd (33.5")

Dam: Boones Little Maude, 32" Buckskin

Dam of Boones Little Princess

Sire: unknown

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Dam: unknown

Sire: unknown

Dam: unknown

Dam: Wind Songs Krista Starr


Sire: Skip a Star  31.25"

1985 National Grand Champion Senior Grand Stallion

Sire: Roan Ranger

Sire: Gold Melody Boy

Dam: Ginns Melody

Dam: Johnstons Golden Girl


Sire: Merrys Golden Mohawk

Dam: Mohawks Golden Girl

Dam: Wind Songs Isabella Star




Sire: Landrys Dallas Cowboy


Sire: Dels Cowboy, 30.5"


Dam: Dels Star Light

Dam: Windsongs Flicka Star

Sire: Skip a Star 31.25"

1985 National Grand Champion Senior Grand Stallion

Dam: Windsongs Rojo Rosa





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