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Bond Dynamo   30"



We have Bond Dynamo in many of our horses bloodlines. He is found in Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE, Woodland Acres Bi Dandys Fire Design, I AM the Rose of Sharon, I AM Designs Double Dandy, Lazy R Rhythms Classic Cameo and Lazy Rs Rhythms Angel Eyes, Painted Suns Supreme Moon Dream, I AM Warriors Silver Flame, CandylandsDandyRollerOfWhitneyville, Vermilyea Farms Dandys Blue Rhythm, and Vermilyea Farms Dandys Dancing Flame.

I recently found out that this glorious little boy is still alive and gracing the pastures of Scott Creek Miniature Horses.

This little stallion is still a very big name in today's miniature horses, and is known to make  a horse very athletic. Just like the Buckeroo-Komokos Little King Supreme cross made champions, so did Dynamo when crossed to Orion-Light Van't Huttenest

His bloodlines are a case of line breeding and he was produced by breeding half sister to half brother, with the common ancestor being Tiny Tim. I always wonder if Tiny Tim could trot. Bond Dynamo is in the lines of many incredible movers. He did appear to have dwarf characteristics. Click here to read more.

This fun story is told by Tony Greaves on his Little America website, "A few months after seeing Dominique win so much, Vern and Betty Brewer, their daughter, Betty Lynne Schneider, and Carol and I were going to the funeral of N. A. Williams' wife. At this point Vern had had Orion several years and was keeping most of his daughters who were just coming to breeding age. I mentioned to Vern that I didn't think that he had any stallions that were good enough to cross on those special Orion mares. He said that he had been trying to figure out what to cross them on. He asked, "If you could buy any stallion to use for them, who would it be?" I thought a minute and told him there were two that I thought would be great crosses: Bond Peppy Power and Bond Dynamo. He asked who owned them and I told him that Bob and Sandy Erwin had Peppy and that we were going to be near the other when we got to the funeral because he was owned by Lee and Barbara Martin. Vern said that NFC probably wouldn't sell Peppy Power, but that he would like to look at Dynamo. When the funeral was over, we talked to Lee and Barbara and asked if we could come by to see their horses on our way back to Texas. They agreed and we made the trip down to the Martins'. There we saw all the horses, but of course, paid special attention to the one that we were really interested in, Bond Dynamo. Lee said that he would sell him, but that he would be pretty high since Dominique had done so well and had sold for around $40,000! I think that he priced him around $100,000. Vern turned it down, but all the way home kept trying to figure out how he could get that horse, agreeing with me that he would be a good cross. A number of months went by, and I believe that Vern finally bought a package of horses including several Dynamo daughters and one or two horses by Bond Boozer, another of the stallions at the Martins' at the time. Vern never told me what the deal finally cost, but laughingly said it was a lot."

In 1993 & 1995, Bond Dynamo received the AMHA Top Ten Champion Title for Get of Sire as a 14 & 16 year old Stallion. He sired numerous Get that were never shown, but they have produced Champions in both Halter and Driving. We at I AM Ranch love Rhotens Little Dandy lines and that is one of his sons. Other offspring that have done well in driving are: BREWERS DYNAMO FORTUNE 500, BREWERS DYNAMO INSPIRATION, BREWERS DYNAMO SOPHISTICATED LADY, BREWERS DYNAMO TOPPER, and DYNAMOS SIR BENJAMIN.

 Bond Dynamo



Bond Jocko


Bond Tiny Tim


Bond Honeydew
Bond Bambi    She also produced Bond Galahad Legacy

Bond Tiny Tim


Bond Inkspot, 32" Solid black

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