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Rhotens Little Dandy

 32"     Black pinto


AMHA A 04280   &  AMHR 56415A 

Rhotens Little Dandy is in our horses named Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE, Woodland Acres Bi Dandys Fire Design, I AM the Rose of Sharon, I AM Designs Double Dandy, Lazy R Rhythms Classic Cameo, CandylandsDandyRollerOfWhitneyville, , I AM His Intelligent Design, I AM a Joy To The World LR, I AM a Secret Weapon LR, I AM a Charismatic Edition LR, I AM a New Creation LR, Rivenburghs Platinum SE

1987 National Grand Champion Single Pleasure Driving

Multiple AMHA National Champion Producer

He was the 1987 National Grand Champion Pleasure Driving Horse.
He has sired 33 National Title winners, 50% in Halter and 50% in performance.
He is the son of Bond Dynamo and his dam was Bond Counterpoint.


Rhotens Little Dandy

32" Black pinto


Nat'l Grand Champion Single Pleasure! Produced at least 26 Nat'l Championships, Reserve Championships, and Nat'l Grands 

Bond Dynamo


 Bond Jocko


Bond Bambi    She also produced Bond Galahad Legacy
Bond Counterpoint 

Bond Showboy


Bond Inkspot (Mother of Bond Bambi up above)

I love Rhotens Little Dandy and have lots in my herd. To get an idea of his progenys movement, here are videos:
This is a grandson of Rhotens Little Dandy http://youtu.be/UMKKCwdKJF4   He is so athletic. We brought him home and he had not jumped for about 6 years. He cleared 42 without any hesitation. I was about ready to kill my youngest who was doing this with him and not warming him up. But he loved it. Yes, the youngest was stopped. Beamer produced the following horse and I think he is one of the finest movers.  Beamer also has proven himself in the halter arena placing in the top five at AMHR Nationals.

Another Rhotens Little Dandy grandson I loved was Design.....Woodland Acres Bi Dandys Fire Design. I found him in a backyard untrained and aggressive. But, after working with him for almost 2 years, he went and won World Reserve Grand Champion Country Pleasure horse in 2012. Click here to see him.

This is another stallion that we own that is a grandson of Rhotens L.D. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=moo_J8NlLoY
Here is a Moon Man son. He toed out badly on the front, but does not throw this at all. I believe it was lack of hoof care despite the discussion, for his babies do not get his legs. He is a grandson of Rhotens L. D.  The start of this video shows the Christmas Electric Light parade  http://www.youtube.com/user/pamperedpups#p/u/30/612emQNIPh8 Here is my love of the year, a 2011 filly of his that trots wonderfully and does not toe out.  http://www.youtube.com/user/pamperedpups#p/u/8/64lEG4Hh_Fs This was another filly of his  http://www.youtube.com/user/pamperedpups#p/u/58/NdXYj-Pnkfw
This mare is a granddaughter of Rhotens LD and her father is Grosshills Night Rhythm http://www.youtube.com/user/pamperedpups#p/u/48/0gQFZt8hs. The other filly in the video is also a granddaughter and we just got her going in cart. She is incredibly fast for being so little. About 30 tall and keeps up with our bigger minis no problem. Fancy enough for single or roadster.
Here is still another grandson of Rhotens LD. This horse is owned by Aimee Wheater and is incredibly athletic again http://www.youtube.com/user/pamperedpups#p/u/55/BsNooJu7qeI
Here is a son of Rhotens L.D. that was my daughters favorite horse for a long time! We dont own this boy either.  http://www.youtube.com/user/pamperedpups#p/u/83/uyanInOVCmU
Finally, here is another grandson to Rhotens L.D. (this one is for sale) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bs4lNa7-KE

 Rhotens Little Dandy has probably contributed more the the miniature horse driving arena than any other horse. He sired Grosshill Dandys Special Edition, NFC Dandys Moon Man, Grosshills Night Rhythm, NFC Dandys Shady Lady, NFCs Candy Dandy, NFCs Dandy Shonna< Vermilyea Farms Dandys Legend and countless halter chmapions too!


Rhotens Litttle Dandy: Touching Lives One Heart at a Time

Reprinted with permission from the AMHA


Ask anyone who they think the leading sire of performance horses in the Miniature horse breed and no doubt Rhotens Little Dandy's name will come up. Dandy was a dominate force in the 1980's in both Halter and Performance classes. Spectators who watched him in the show, described his movement as unique and beautifully animated; he touched the ground softly, as if he were walking on eggshells. His gaits were completely natural, and his movements were never enhanced. The records of his foals will attest to the fact that he consistently passed his way of going on to his offspring.

The story of Rhotens Little Dandy weaves a complicated web across many miles of AMHA history. Dandy's certificate boasts eight different owners, many of whom were very prominent Miniature breeders of their day. Each owner, caretaker or trainer who came in contact with Dandy, remembers a highly intelligent, kind stallion that was independent but very willing.

He was a horse of extraordinary personality who virtually never put his ears back; he was always interested, and always curious. Even more than that, the horse touched the hearts of virtually every person he came in contact with. Several of his owners had such love for this great stallion, that even now, seven years after his death, they are very emotional and still unable to talk about him. Dandy meant so much to each person and touched each one deeply.


Always a Champion in the Heart of Charley Teague- Dandy's second owner. "Little Dandy came to us as a yearling in 1983. He accepted, desired and loved the constant attention he received and became the center of activity on our ranch. He was my Three I's (Intelligent, Inquisitive, and Independent). Everyday was a new event for him. He was my constant companion and I could see him maturing and developing confidence in himself. He loved playing with the other yearlings, but would become jealous if he thought they are receiving his share of the petting and attention. We could see his ability to be a great show horse and started training him for his career in the ring. He was so easy to train because of his willing attitude and desire to please. It was a great thrill when he won his first blue ribbon and championship. When Dandy left our ranch, it was a very sad and lonesome day for me. He had become a very dear part of my life. He was my shoulder to cry on and therapy for my bad hair days. Dandy was truly a great champion, both inside and outside the ring.

In August of 2000, the Miniature Horse World ran a tribute ad to this great stallion written by some of the people who loved him the most. Here are some excerpts from that advertisement and some additional facts about this great champion.



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