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Video History of the Miniature Horse

Watching miniature horse videos from the past are a fun way to observe the evolvement of the miniature horse as breeders have selectively improved their athleticism and beauty.

We will begin with a 1989 video that showcases a single driving class and a roadster class. Originally, the term "single" driving meant that there was a single horse pulling the cart and not a pair of horses. There were not the various driving divisions that we find in today's show ring.

Click here to see one of the earliest videos I have seen of driving horses from 1989.

1994 was the year, a great driving horse was born. Click here to see Martin Boozers Daring Difference at 3 years old.

Click here to see harnessing instructions from the same time period.

*** Click here to see an ESPN feature about the miniature horse. There are clips from the 1996, 1997 and 2001 AMHA National/World Show

Click here to see 2 of the Single Pleasure Driving classes from 1996

About 1998, one of my favorite stallions was born. Grosshill Dandys Special Edition. Click here to see him as a weanling. This boy is the sire of our Beamer, Design and Platinum.

Click here to see a Single Pleasure class from 2007

Below is a fun presentation of Miniature Horses from Platform. This is from about 2007, and covers AMHR Nantionals. You will see Joel White, Mike Hlavatoic, Gary Yeager, Jamie Aldrich, Ray Zoercher, Martha Hickman,  Ed McCarthy, Belinda Bagby, Patty Cloke, Larry Parnell, Erica Killion, Lisa Davis and Lee Crutchfield.

Horses that are seen are McCarthys Jesse James of Rivenburgh, NJs Angelina as a yearling, Silver Meadows Phantom Storm, Alamos Streaker Jasmine, Michigans Sharper Image, Michigans Rare Penny,D & S Pharoah's Fortune, NJs Sandhill Spirit McCarthys Carmello, Tibbs Chico Bandito, Dakotas San Juan Marcos, and  Wallstreet Rock E Mr Mitz.



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