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Papillons: The Joy Bringers!


I could have about 10 of these toy spaniels in a blink of an eye. They are such a joy to have around. We wanted a toy dog to add to our family. Papillons are actually a toy Spaniel. With our love for Spaniels, it was a perfect fit. Our dogs are special members of our family with each of us girls sleeping with one.

We raise our puppies with the children in our family in addition to the many church families that visit regularly. We believe it is very important for puppies to have this kind of socialization from the very start and it shows in the outgoing,  friendly, healthy puppies we breed.  Our pups are rarely alone; they are either being played with by family or are interacting with the other puppies. Anyone who has experience with abused, neglected pups knows that only so much can be done with proper training. Early socialization is very important in producing a companion dog.

Our Papillons are sold on a limited AKC registration as companion dogs.

AGILITY!!! Give your Papillon a passion and purpose! Watch Mika!! (Magi and Joy pup)


The Man!!

Meet "Jack"  His ears really fit the description of Butterfly ears!


Papillons are ranked as the 8th most intelligent dog species. All dogs in the top 10 have to have these abilities: 
Understanding of New Commands: Fewer than 5 repetitions.
Obey First Command: 95% of the time or better

They are the only toy dog in this top 10, which is filled with working dogs, Golden Retrievers, GSD's, Labradors, etc. I think it's awesome for our sweet little toy dogs who are known for being "companions" to be on par with serious working dogs!

The Ladies!


This lively girl is a daughter of Jack and Noel! She was a puppy we kept and was in their 2013 litter.

Below is Mika, Joy's pup, that is the 2012 USDAA National Champion Agility dog. Click here to see a video of this event!  Click here to meet the incredible Mika. She is a daughter of our Joy and Magi.




Magi sadly is no longer with us. His shirt says,  "Tiny Dog, Huge Attitude!"

To read the words to this song, click here.



A dog can express more with his tail in seconds than his owner can express with his tongue in hours.  ~Author Unknown

The Papillon name was derived from the French word meaning butterfly because when the ears stand erect, they resemble the wings of a butterfly.


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The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.