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March 1, 2008

We vaccinated Lily, Magic, Dolly and Morning with EE, Tetanus. Flu and WNV.

We were checking all the mares tonight and I got a good laugh! My 6'3" frame is trying to examine the udder of a miniature mare, which I can get low enough to accomplish. The challenge is trying to stand up again. Getting old is no fun. Jessie, my 11 year old is standing above me. She has checked four of the mares to my one, so I ask her which baby she thinks we will like the best?? Without hesitating, Jessie grins at me and says, "Even if I knew, I wouldn't say it in front of them!" I cracked up. She is so thoughtful of the mothers!!!

March 4, 2008

Our Crystals Easter Lily seems to be the biggest bag so far. Her vulva was very relaxed tonight. We had a big discovery this week. I found out her and Ultra Mycall Jacksum had a foal in 2006. I didn't know he had any other babies on the ground other than my Ravenwood Blue Boy Dreamin. Here 2006 foal is named Buckeroo Blue, was a mare and is owned by a Kevin R Brooks. I want to find him to see what our baby might be like :) Can you tell I was the kind of child who snuck around to find out what my Christmas presents were before the big day??

I heard positive feedback on the more reasonably priced foal buzzers from Rosyln of Lucky Pickens  Farm and from Susan of Hillard Horses-to-Hug. I took the plunge and ordered 2 of the Foal Buzzers.

March 5, 2008

Look at Lily!! She is bagging up more and more each day. They say when the teats are pointing straight down that the mare is ready to go. Lily is pointing down, but she is not ready to go.

March 6, 2008

Bam Bam, a big horse and not a Miniature, undergoes dental surgery. Click here to see a short video of how well he recovered. This video was taken on April 29, 2008...7 weeks after surgery.

March 9, 2008

Look at the changes in Lily's bag! We still cannot get any milk from her though.

March 13, 2008

There have been 2 additions in our barn. We added Christmas lights around the top of the barn to help with seeing at night. We have big fluorescents in our barn, but I feel like those may disturb the mares if I leave them on all night. I can leave on my soft-lighting of the Christmas lights and probably not disturb them. The camera system we have is a "night" system with infrareds, but they work so much better in the daylight.

Our Foal Buzzers came and are on the halters. Now, maybe I will sleep better at night knowing I have the added security of a buzz warning sound. We suspect Lily and Magic as being the closest to they are wearing the buzzers.

Noah has developed a cough and snots. I have him on 3 SMZs twice per day. I would like to knock this out before the foals arrive!

Lily is really getting close! Her vulva area is extremely relaxed, and is a deep red color. Her bag is really big, but we are still not getting any milk...we're sure getting excited, though!

March 13, 2008; late evening (written by Lisa)

We just did a really neat thing! We have heard the myth that if you hold a gold ring next to the mare's stomach, it will either swing in a circle or in a back and forth motion.  I just thought that it would be fun to try, and see what happens. So, we marched down to the barn with my Mom's wedding ring and, hanging it on a tail hair from Jewel, we let it hang next to each mare's stomach. Mom keeps saying, "We have a 50% chance of being right!" Here's what we found out:

Lily was first. We hung the ring next to her stomach, and it was like something grabbed it and pulled it in a circle to the left. Surprised, we hung it on the other side of her belly with the same result! Supposedly, Lily will have a girl?!?!?!?

Next, we went to Magic's stall. Hanging the ring next to her stomach, we all watched with anticipation. It hung still for a few seconds, and then slowly went towards her stomach, and then away from it. Gradually, it swung faster and faster, until it was swinging back and forth next to her stomach....Magic's is a boy???

Still a little suspicious of the whole thing, we went to Jewel and hung the ring on a hair by her stomach. Same result as Magic! It hung still for a second, and then, gradually getting faster, swung in a back and forth motion....another boy?!?!

Now thoroughly intrigued, we tried Turbolina. To our delight, the ring slowly swung in a circular motion to the left! As it got faster and faster, we switched it to the other side of her stomach, and it also went in an obvious circle to the left....maybe two girls and two boys??

Dolly was the next one to be "put to the test!" We watched as it started going in a back and forth motion. Within a few seconds, it was decidedly going in back and forth. We're thinking, "Oh no! Not more boys than girls!"

Morning was the last to be tested. We waited impatiently as it hung by her stomach, and slowly started....circling to the left!!!! Does she have a girl??

So, if this test is correct, we have three boys and three girls. I have read that this is all a myth, but it has been a fun experiment.

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March 14, 2008

Click here to see our foaling barn!

March 21, 2008

This is the full moon!! Maybe tonight??

In the one set of 3 stalls, we have a set of 4 cameras all connecting to one transmitter. We tried to put a like system up on the other set of 3 stalls. Failure! The cameras interfere with each other. I would like all 6 stalls monitored by cameras, but need to find a wired camera system that is affordable. And, we need to do this quickly. Dolly and Magic are bagging up. Lily is huge in my mind, but others tell me she is not ready yet. Morning and Jewel are not as bagged up.

March 22, 2008

That full moon came and went and no babies. In a short time, Magic's udder has caught up with Lily's. Dolly is close behind the two of them. I spent the day bathing the 3 of them.....again and re-braiding tails. I shaved up even higher and included their legs. The nights are not getting any colder than 55 degrees and they are shedding out lots of winter hair. Next year, we will breed for May babies so that we can attend the Touch of Class Miniature Horse Show that occurs here in AZ. I am very disappointed to not be able to go. A friend rode by and decided I was really obsessed to be clipping everyone again. I think this is all called "nesting" behavior.
I missed by first big horse show that my daughters were competing in. Leaving home is not something I want to do right now. Mare stare has me imprisoned. So, dad took the girls to the show. I guess they did not miss me too much, for Anna took High Point and Lisa won Reserve High Point.

March 23, 2008

Happy Resurrection Sunday! Also known as Happy Easter!

After church, I reclipped Don Juan. He has a coat of many colors. At this point of the year, he looks like a Grulla.

March 24, 2008

A very informative website was shown to me today. I included it on my articles page. Here is the link There is one article about overdue mares and it echoes what one vet said. The foal determines the day of birth. It is a good article!

March 29, 2008

We vaccinated Turboina (EE, Tetanus. Flu and WNV) who is at 301 days of her pregnancy. My wonderful hubby figured out a wired camera system for our other 3 birthing stalls.

March 30, 2008

My daughters went to the Maricopa 4H Finals Western Horse Show today without me. Anna won the High Point Buckle for the Junior Advanced Riders and Lisa won Reserve Champion High Point for the Advanced Senior Riders. I watched the mares instead of watching them. In the evening, hubby took over mare stare and we went to the Touch of Class Miniature Horse Show! Fun!!! Watch a Roadster Champion at the Touch of Class Miniature Horses Show 2008
Turbolina has the runs! I am concerned she is having a bad reaction to the vaccination I gave her yesterday. The other 5 mares did not react, but her loose, loose poops are worrying me. Her temp is good though and I see her baby kicking.
Lily is rubbing her bum so much that she has sores on the sides of her vulva. She, Magic and Dolly are all bagged up. Magic is beginning to express milk, but not enough for using the test strips. Dolly only had one drop of milk.

March 31, 2008

It's a boy!!!

And a beautiful tri colored pinto! Click here for more pictures and video...

Dolly and baby are doing well!!!

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