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Twinflames Hannah Blue aka "Nina"

 Nina has generations of pups that have grown up to be very dear family members and successful working hunters.  I have said many times that I am going to retire her,  but mothering is very easy for her and she loves having puppies. This upcoming litter will be her last though and I will keep a Chocolate male from it. The sire of these pups is absolutely phenomenal. He is a 105 pound English bred Labrador that has the best temperament and is muscled like an athlete. Click on the thumbnails to see his picture.


Below is Nina!

The Labrador Retriever has been voted one of America's top family dog. Anyone who has owned one can easily tell you why. Our Nina fulfills all that makes the Labrador such a great family dog, but also carries the lines within her to produce excellent field and hunting dogs.

Nina has both the ability to be mellow and at ease around our family or to spring into action, go for a walk or fetch a tennis ball.


Click here to meet her 2013 litter

Meet Nina's  2012 litter.

Click here to see her 2011 litter

Click here to meet her 2010 litter




Nina has consistently produced puppies that mature into big dogs. One of her first pups, "Chester" went on to become the stud for Graves Labradors. It is a great compliment to Nina that her pups are chosen to be studs for other breeders. The favorite female at Graves Labs is also a Nina pup! Both of these dogs are working hunters, and both had excellent on their OFA. I just received an email from a man with one of her and Buddy's 09 pups. He is not quite a year old and weighs 95 lbs. This dog is being trained as a working hunter also.

To see her pedigree, click here. Note that there are over 10 champions in her lines. Also, there is no inbreeding in her pedigree. This is important to maintain the integrity of the breed and to deter the genetic weaknesses that follow if you engage in these practices.

To the right, Nina's attention is on Jessie as she obediently waits for my daughter to throw the ball.  Below,  she keeps her eye on the target as she watches the throw.

Nina's Prelims showed normal OFA results. And, then we OFA'd her hips and elbows in 2008 to make 100% sure that they would clear. Grateful to our Lord, she passed with flying colors.  Click here if you would like to see her certificates.

Nina also had a son OFA tested in 2008 year and he, Chester,  also passed with an excellent rating. He can be seen at Graves Labradors.

Lynn, at Graves Labradors, also was OFA tested in 2010 and was awarded an excellent rating from OFA. She was a Nina pup in 2008.

We "CERF'd" her eyes and they are excellent. She also tested clear on both her CNM and EIC tests.

Read more about health concerns in Labrador Retrievers by clicking here.

Click here for Nina's CNM results

Click here to see the results of Nina's EIC results

This breeding with Mr. Pibb is the most exciting one for me. He is incredibly handsome and big and block headed. Many English Labs lose their athletic look and get heavy. But not him, he is powerful looking and strong.

Watch our Beautiful Nina in action by clicking here. You can easily see her strength in this video.


 Nina's son, Chester, a working hunter and stud dog.  Meet Nina's son, Chester, in this video

Our Goldie is Nina's granddaughter


Two Nina daughters from her 2010 litter.

Nina Granddaughter


The pup to the right is a Nina pup from 2011 who  graduated from puppy school! Congrats to Kona and George and thank you for the picture!!!

This is a Nina daughter who LOVES to hunt! Her OFA results come back with an excellent rating on her hips.


The yellow below is also a Nina son who hunts with his family.



Below picture shows a proud Nina daughter with the doves that she alone retrieved in one morning session


Here is Nina's dad. You can see the likeness in the face.      


Our goal is for the original intent for the breed, the all-versatile dog. Thus, we do not only breed from English lines, nor solely from American lines. Our puppies have the American stamina and athleticism, with some of the English build for better strength and bone substance. Our goal is to provide you with a family companion and/or hunting dog that will be with your for a dog's lifetime. Thus, we do the preliminary genetic testing and x-rays to do what we can to provide this.


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