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Favorite Links!

Miniature Horse Tack

Ozark Mountain Miniature Horse Tack  The only neck sweat that I can keep on my houdiinis!

http://www.iberianconnection.com/bdent/index.html LOCAL PHOENIX PEOPLE!! This is the lady to call if you live here! Our first Frontier Easy Entry Cart came from Diane at The Iberian Connection. She was so helpful and informative and had a great price on the cart/harness together.  I also did not have to pay shipping for she is in the Phoenix area. (623) 465-7276

Custom Pet and Tack Fly sheet and masks!  I buy my masks here

http://www.regencymini.com   Harnessing tutorial  (click on Driving 101 link)

   Zimmerman's Harness 717-354-5667

www.americandrivingsociety.org Lists driving clubs in your area. Driving clubs sponsor clinics where a newbie can learn a ton and meet other drivers.

minihorsedriving@yahoogroups.com A Yahoo based email group where every aspect is discussed!

Star Lake Tack

Miniature Horse Tack Shop (931 937 7869)

Double TT Miniature Horse Tack


Miniature Horse Transporters

It is up to our buyers to contact and pay for the transportation of any horse purchases from I AM Ranch. Below is a list of haulers and transporters. We do encourage you to insure your horse during transport. There is one hauler that I will not allow my horses to be shipped with, and we can discuss that privately.

 I had a bad experience with a hauler whose initials are D. G. Email me if you want or need more information

Circle L Transport - They hauled 2 different horses here for us. One from OH and one from MS . Both trips, they provided good care and good communication.

D & D Transporters - I have used them recently on 2 different occasions and was very happy with how they cared for our miniatures. One mare needed special care and was very close to foaling. They took great care of her!

M and Z Transport - Zelda and Mike brought me Beamer and we could not have been more pleased with communication, safety or cleanliness!

Deerhorn Valley Horse Transport Inc 1.800.792.4090 - They delivered a horse her and were good communicators and had everything in order! All was clean, and well taken care of.

Zeigler Transport - Used by the dear lady who bought our Sequel (Short Storys Painted Sun). They took good care of him as they took him back to WI from AZ   Phone  641-843-4351

Arlene at 817 565 4982

Patrick Herrick 860 933 7668

Mari and Bill Worley - used and loved by many that I know personally

Arizona Executive Transport, Allen at 480 415 9961 or at contact@azexectrans.com (zigzag)

Horse Travel Agent - Gary Mitchell - 530 365 2661 Call Gary and he will find your horse a ride. He has a list of haulers that he knows and trusts. His database plugs in your needs and he can find you transport.

Have Horse Will Trailer  (7 to oregon)

AAA Quality Horse Transfer 1-800-962-2730

Equitrans 1 800 982 4059

Happy Trails Equine Transport  1-888-887-2457 - happytrails@plateautel.net

Horse Heaven, Greg & Tisha Muir, Idaho - 1-800-390-9451

Horsein' Around  1-800-234-4675

Triple H Horse Transport 1 800 799 1017

Cody CW Equine 602 989 3646 (wife works at Chapparal)

Phyllis Alexander 602 418 9324

Sharrway Transport - used by a neighbor and did a great job! Reasonably priced. 580-276-5515  I have also used Sharrway to haul from Oregon to here in AZ.  Their communication to me was good and they took good care of my horses. No problems and great price!!


Miniature Horse Exporters

EZ2Spot Ranch - Came highly recommended! 210 861 0269





Approximate costs of Exporting to Europe as of 2011

Actual Cost of Miniature Horse +

Shipping costs for quarantine, and airfare - vary from $2600 (to Amsterdam or Luxemberg)    

Vet costs for shipping to quarantine facility- (coggins) $100

Transportation to the shipping facility - can run from $300 to about $800

Fee for wire transfer and currency conversion, paid to US banks ~$50.

European taxes - This will be paid to the EU government (mares are taxed less than gelding)

Transportation from airport across seas to the new home




Miniature Horse Clubs: click here

Email Chat Groups about Miniatures!

These are a great way to learn absolutely anything you would like to know about miniatures. Here are my favorites.

azminiatures@yahoogroups.com- This is a great place to meet other Arizona miniature horse enthusiasts. Everything mini is talked about from breeding to showing to wonderful stories and pictures. Come join up!





Free Horse Classifieds:

 Equine Now

L'il Beginnings Saleboard





http://www.horse-classifieds.com same as USFreeads







Miniature Horse Saleboard