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Bar NS Hpynaughtique Moon      

2014 World Champion in 3 Year Old Single Pleasure

   AMHA       AMHR          32"             NFC Dandys Moon Man  x  Bar NS Cause for Applause

Mojo is the 'demo'  horse in our training video about developing a stop in a horse and the benefit from it.

Congratulations to Kim Sweatt and Mojo!! 2015 unanimous GRAND Single Pleasure Driving at Western Regionals!!


How do you get a miniature horse to move like this?!?! Go back in time many years to a little horse named Bond Dynamo! What a producer he would be. His line that I have followed the closest began when he sired Rhotens Little Dandy. Rhotens Little Dandy sired both NFCs Dandy Moon Man,  Grosshill Dandys Special Edition and Grosshills Night Rhythm. Special Edition is the sire of our horses, Beamer and Platinum and the charismatic Design. But Moon Man became a legend himself. Whitneyvilles Dandy Neon Moon was his son that first caught my eye. There was a video I saw that hooked me. He is currently owned by the Slobodys of Sawmill River Farm. Moon Man has many sons and daughters that went onto become champion drivers in years past and are currently competing. He is the sire of Hypnaughtique Moon.  Thus far, I have only told you about his paternal side. On his maternal side is ERL Rebels Just Cause. (Justin). Justin has sired horses that move well and have wonderful long necks and poll to bridle with.  The Justin babies I know well also have great extension. This combination of a Justin daughter to Moon Man was a great recipe!