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Foaling Journal for I AM Ranch Miniature Horses

March 2015

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Name of Mares due in 2015

Name of Stallion

Last Date Bred

Previous Gestation Length

Due Date

Actual Date of Birth

Candylands Secret Treasure

Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE



354 gestation

349 gestation


4/14/15  based on  330 gestation length


330 gestation

Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge

Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE


Maiden mare

4/6/15 based on 330 gestation length



332 gestation

Rivenburghs Platinum SE

I AM A Secret Weapon LR







4/14/15  based on  330 gestation length



332 gestation

Versatality Farms SomethingAboutMary


Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE


339 gestation

 328 gestation


4/14/15 based on 330 gestation length



329 gestation

March 23, 2015 All 4 mares are in foaling stalls and under cameras at this point. They have all been vaccinated with E and W and Tetanus.  I do vaccinate my pregnant miniature mares with Rhino. There is a lot of controversy amongst breeders over this vaccination, but I have used the  Rhino shot made by Calavet for about 4 years without any problems. I did have one vet recommend giving some Banamine for three days after this shot, but we have never had a reaction from it.

Overjoyed, thrilled, grateful!! These words cannot even begin to describe who we feel about having a new boy in the barn to sire babies for next year. Touch of Class just finished up and we loaded Bar NS Hypnaughtique Moon in our trailer and brought him home to our ladies.  When Kim Sweatt suggested that he could sire babies with our herd, it was one of those ideas that sounds too good to be true. We are all just thrilled. I have honestly never seen extension such as his in a miniature. He stands about 32" tall and is  both AMHA and AMHR.

March 27, 2015 If you'all haven't figured this out, this is how I keep many of my foaling notes on my mares...these journals and then my extensive photo albums. Derby is on day 320, and being that she is a maiden, we don't have any clues about her. We have had 2 other breeders tell us of their maidens foaling despite having very small bags and no indicators. Derby has been up and down and kicking at her sides today, but her bag is very small, so we really don't expect her to do anything soon.  She usually does not sleep flat out, but she has laid down numerous times early this evening. She also has not been wild about eating the last 2 days. She browses on her alfalfa. This baby should be phenomenal! Click here to see Derby and the sire of the upcoming baby driving side by side. 


Thus far, we are only testing the milk using the pH strips and they are all indicating no baby yet......But, I am alert! Foaling halters are on all 4 mares.




March 30, 2015 Two years ago today, Gentry was born. He is the naughtiest most wonderful little boy! Such attitude that is rivaled only by his father, Woodland Acres Bi Dandys Fire Design, and by his grandpa, Grosshill Dandys Special Edition!  When Design strutted into our barn, you had to hate him, then I drove him, and you had to love him! Thus, we love Gentry and his passion about all of life. Happy Birthday!

Lisa and I are on house arrest, with one of us always here waiting on our precious ponies to pop. It is a very sweet thing to be involved in a piece of creation. We beg those of you that are praying people to ask our Creator to watch over their births and guide us. And, we would love 4 healthy babies. Lisa took this picture this morning!

4/3/15  Derby just alarmed us by throwing herself down into her bedding 4 times in a row. She is very swollen in her vulva area, but her bag is still very small. Her  pH  is testing high (green).  Tomorrow is our clipping clinic and I doubt we will have a new baby to share. We are all hoping that Sam repeats what she did last year and gives us an Easter baby to adore!

4/5/15 Happy Resurrection Sunday!! He is Risen. The Lord blessed us with a beautiful dinner in the midst of our pregnant ladies!

4/6/15 Last night, it was Treasure throwing herself down. I so admire people who can foal out mares by themselves. I am thankful for our family "team" because we can rotate who loses sleep. We are not staying awake 24/7 yet, but the beepers go off many times in the night, for mares sleep in the foaling position often. Sam is the one who loves sleeping in that position, and we stay awake until she sits back up so we can reset the beeper. BUT, then Derbs decides to sleep in that position. Needless to say, I am getting tired. We also have a dear family who helps us when my tiredness starts becoming really obvious.

Look above at the picture of Treasure's bag from about a week  ago and here it it as of this morning! See how the top has filled in? Her ph is still not testing as low as it could be. Last baby, Treasure foaled without her milk testing ready. I believe this is because she had a red bag baby. A friend  told me how she had a red bag baby this season and the mare did not even have milk for a week. When a red bag occurs, the mare's body is not prepared and this is why Treasure's milk did not test ready. To review on red bag foals, please click here.

We had other exciting changes this morning. Sam's milk is gooey which could mean the start of her colostrum. Her pH is still high. Derby's pH has dropped just a bit. We will test their calcium levels later today.

4/7/15 Derby's bag is ballooning! She went from a very tiny bag to a huge bag overnight. She is acting more like a dog in labor than a horse.

4/8/15 I watched Derby from 4 to 7 AM. She was kicking and laying down and chasing the mares in the stalls next to her. Our 4 mares are shaved and about 4 AM, I noticed it was 54  degrees, so Anna and I went to the barn to blankey and Derb's bag was even bigger!!! I tested her pH and it was still high (green). At 10 AM, I was awakened by Jess saying Derby was going to have a baby today. Her teats had wax on them and they started dripping milk when it was pulled off. Her pH did drop and she is pacing! Her calcium also tested in the correct range. Please pray for us. Pray for a healthy baby, for guidance, for self control of all of our female emotions.

4/8/15 SHE is here!! Thank you, Lord. Text book delivery and we have a black filly to love! She will be called "Arwen" and her registered name is I AM the Evenstar LR. Click here to see the birth video.

4/12/15 SAM IS HUGE! Everywhere!


4/13/15  Both Sam and Treasure's calcium milk tests tested that they are going go foal within 48 hours. It is the wee morning hours and Sam is up and down, rolling tons, 2 cow pie poops, but no pushing yet. We are excited and nervous. She is very ready! Day 327! Treasure is not showing active signs of labor. She is on Day 329.  At 1:30 AM, we met Sam's filly! Treasure never did foal, but her pH levels are not low enough. Her calcium levels are. Sam's baby is a full sibling to our I AM a New Creation LR.

Sam's baby quickly sought out nourishment! Where do you turn to satisfy your deepest needs? Everything that satisfies is passing and empty, if it not the Lord. Psalm 42:2 "My soul thirsts for God, for the living God.
When shall I come and appear before God?"

4/14/15 We woke up to find Treasure's  pH dropping. Her calcium strips have been reading ready, but her pH was still too high. But, we knew today was the day when we saw the pH drop. Sure enough,  around 9PM, she started showing signs of the first stages of labor. She had a dystocia with both front legs no where in sight, but Lisa was able to find them easily. Foaling season is special to us due to the babies, but also due to all the neat people that come into our lives. We were able to include 3 people at this birth who had never seen a baby born before. One was an 8 year old girl! By 10 PM, a large and very leggy silver colt was struggling to stand up!  Click here to see video of this birth! This colt is a full sibling to our boy, I AM a Secret Weapon LR who is known as Ruger around here!

4/17/15 Platinum is rapidly progressing. We have been testing her 2 x per day and she has stayed high on pH. Today things started dropping. She is still a wee bit high, but her pH is lighter. Light green on the strips. For the first time, we were able to get enough milk to test her calcium. 998% of her squares changed color. We suspect we will meet baby either tonight or tomorrow night. This will be Ruger's first baby. He is sooooo refined and leggy and necky that we can't wait to see baby. Platinum too is super dainty and refined. Very nice throat latch. Upright in build. Platinum is a paternal sister to both Design and Beamer with the common ancestor being Grosshill Dandys Special Edition. C'mon baby, show us your beauty!! Please pray!

Thankfully, Platy did have her baby who is named, "I AM a Pistol Packin Prima Donna." She is super refined, dainty and has a tiny muzzle. Click here to see her birth video. The birth was easy and textbook. Jess is learning to be our midwife from Lisa too. All is well with baby!!


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