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Sold Horses

I AM Attracting the Storm





Flash has a bold attitude, a proper set of the shoulder and neck,  the ability to bridle high and tight..... He has his daddy's attitude. He is very rounded in his carriage and his front action has a ton of break at the knee. Rarely do you see such a clean throat latch and flexible poll! I am guessing he will mature at 37"

Whispering Pines Kings Attraction   x   Classic Views Phantom Duffy (daughter of Phantom Storm)

AMHR       349414T          DOB  3/18/20

 See more of Flash in his facebook album


 I AM  Infernally Exotic




Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno  x  LDS Secreat Dandylion

 AMHR                 DOB  6/22/18

Incredible Country Pleasure prospect! Will mature around 37"

Current video link

Videos from his first year:






I AM Storming at Ten


Video Link


 AMHA  and AMHR 

DOB 4/27/18 

Desert Shadows Free Spirit   x   I AM Stormin the Pearly Gates (daughter of Silver Meadows Phantom Storm)



I AM a Masterpiece in Motion



AMHA      AMHR     DOB  3/10/16

Bar NS Hpypnaughtique Moon  x  Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge

He has the genes of champions! This is a very calm and eager stallion!

Video of his driving progress here


McCarthy's Cameo  


National Champion halter

AMHA      AMHR      34"        DOB    3/1/2007

She has lots of Midget Mike in her bloodlines making her 75% Shetland.  An incredible producer!!

Click here to meet her 2011 filly. This filly won MULTIPLE  Natl titles in 2018!

Click here to meet her 2013 baby,    Click here to meet her 2016 baby,   Click here to meet her 2017 baby


Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge


Available in August of 2020....Sold

2016 National Champion Country Pleasure! 2x  Top 3 National Country Pleasure Driving 2017 . Click here to see her driving at Nationals!

AMHA    AMHR      34"

Dam of:  I AM the Evenstar LR (2019 National Champion Pleasure Horse (Single Pleasure),     I AM a Masterpiece in Motion,  and   I AM  Eternally Justified


I AM Fun, Fun, Fun




Silver bay colt born on 4/8/2022.

Sired by Tigger and out of I AM An X Quiz It Monet


This boy is BEAUTIFUL and super friendly. Will mature around 34". His full sister is Kanga and she is an incredible moving horse and looking really fancy in harness. Tigger is a National champion pleasure horse and Monet is also a National Champion.

I AM The Eeye of the Tiger



I AM The Only One  x I AM the Mona Lisa Mystery

AMHR                 DOB  4/19/19

Video link


This 3 year old stallion is very upright and VERY trotty! He easily measures under 34". Single pleasure motion and ready to start.



 I AM Blowin Down the House



Bay pinto colt born on 5/9/2022.

Sired by Tigger and out of I AM Stormin the Pearly Gates


Sprinkles has produced 5 beautiful-moving fillies for me and this was her first colt. Love his leg length and his flashy color. I believe him to be homozygous pinto like his momma. Tigger contributed his incredible hind end and his handsome face to this colt.



I AM Chasin Honeybees


AMHR         DOB 5/1/19


I AM the Only One  x  McCarthys Cameo


I AM  Infernally Justified




Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno  x  Westwind Farms Derby Day by Revenge

 AMHR                 DOB 6/22/18

See video here!

So, so pretty that visitors mistake him for a filly, He has one blue eye! Look at his parents and see what a genetic gold mine this boy is. He could halter or drive!



I AM Infernally Grateful



Video link


 AMHR            DOB 5/17/18

 She was sold in Julyl and measured 31 to 32". She was transported in November

Buckeye WCF Grande Inferno x Merrie Ribbons Wild Allegations

This delicate filly captures attention with her beautiful face and big doe eyes.  Her sire won 2017 National Champion Country Pleasure Driving titles and a Reserve Champion title in Roadster. Her dam was sired by a stallion who won both a Grand Single pleasure title and a Grand Halter Champion title at the same show. We are guesstimating that she will mature under 34"  tall. AMHR registry. Confident that she could hardship into AMHA. She is very leggy, refined and should have good motion from both sides of her bloodline.



Rivenburghs Let's Roll SE




2015 Reserve National Champion  Country Pleasure Stallion!

Sale pending

AMHA        AMHR      33"

Beamer's beauty and movement testifies to Nancy Rivenburgh's vision of creating a miniature that is perfect in form and in function. In Beamer, she combined Rhotens Little Dandy Lines with the leggy Arenosa horses, and produced a magnificent miniature. 

 Click here to see his just how incredible his babies are!

Many training videos are using Beamer! Click here!


I AM  Queen of the Dance

Sold! Thank you Joni. May her bounce bless you!


  AMHA     AMHR    DOB  5/4/2017

Raptures Risen KingI AM Steam Rollers Legacy Lass

Click here to see her trot.

Click here to see more!


I AM a Secret Agent  LR

Video at 1.5 years

Another video at two!

Video as yearling....and another one

Video as a weanling

Video as a baby!




AMHA        AMHR       32.5"      DOB  4/14/15 

Rivenbughs Let's Roll SE    x    Candylands Secret Treasure

At his two Arizona qualifying shows (2018), Colson brought home firsts and seconds in liberty!!!!Treasure, his dam, is also the dam of Tigger. 

 Futurity sustained for AMHR driving. Price will increase each month as training progresses.

Sold. Thank you, Ron!

LDS Secreat Dandylion


Top 5 National Country Pleasure Driving mare (2017)

AMHA     AMHR      34"    DOB 5/1/07

Candylands Best Kept Secreat daughter

Dam of:  I AM  Infernally Exotic (Moose)

           I AM a Secreat Attraction



I AM a Pistol Packin Prima Donna


 AMHA    AMHR   DOB  4/17/15

I AM a Secret Weapon LR (2016  National Top 5 in Single Pleasure)    x Rivenburghs Platinum SE (2017 World Champion Country Pleasure)



I AM The Midnight Princess



pending  AMHA     AMHR    DOB  6/22/2017

Raptures Risen KingMcCarthys Cameo

This finely bred filly will mature under 34" and will make an exceptional driving horse. Very pretty delicate filly with a beautiful head, long stretchy neck and very correct. This breeding has combined an exceptional driving horse with a champion halter mare to produce a filly who will excel in either arena!

Sold! Thank you, Rachel!!

Sired by the 2017 2 x Reserve National Champion Roadster horse. Her dam is a National Champion halter horse! 

I AM Rhythms Cameo

2015 Reserve Nat'l Champion in Single Pleasure Driving!           



AMHA and AMHR    31.50"

Click here to see her compete at the 2015 Nationals in Roadster!

Grosshills Night Rhythm  x  Lazy Rs Scouts Black Magic

Dam of I AM a Charismatic Edition LR

Cameo has been driven by Jessie since Jess was very young. They have grown up together. This lil girl can hold her own against much bigger horses with her huge trot!

Jessie's last drive!!! Spring of 2017

I AM The Crown Jewel


pending AMHA     AMHR    DOB  4/30/2017


Raptures Risen King I AM Storming the Pearly Gates


Sold to our dear friend, Ann!


Rivenburghs Platinum SE


2017 World Champion Country Pleasure with Tammi Nuttall/Ron Clough

"Platinum "

AMHA      AMHR        DOB 6/2002

This direct daughter of Grosshill Dandys Special Edition  is a stunning mover and a head hunter's delight. Her sire, also known as Eddie, has produced multiple halter and driving champions that are top competitors in today's show ring. He himself has won World Champion Single Pleasure!

Her dam Flabys Orion Miriya, won World Reserve Champion Single Pleasure

Platinum herself will show well in the Country Pleasure driving division and is currently in driving training. She produced a filly for us in 2015 that we adore who has her momma's charm and movement. Platinum is also a wonderful hunter horse and children can easily handle her in ground classes.

I AM a Divinci Moment


AMHA      AMHR pending ,   DOB 2/27/2016

Bar NS Hypnaughtique Moon  x  Vintage Farms Victorian Tango

This lil colt has the sweetest eye and face!  Big doe eyes, dishy face, short head!  He is bold and friendly. His father is a National Champion Single Pleasure horse! You can see his mother directly above this listing. The two can be packaged together.  He will be weaned by July/ August time frame.


Click here for video


I AM A Secret Weapon LR


AMHA       AMHR    35

  Rivenbughs Let's Roll SE     x    Candylands  Secret Treasure

Click here to see his most current driving video 

Driving video

Another driving video

Multi  Top Five National Pleasure Driving Over

I AM the Last Roll of Thunder

Sold! Thank you to the Audets!


AMHA     AMHR   33.75"

This is the last baby from Whitneyvilles Steam Roller.

Click here to see him as a 3 year old

Click here to see him at 3 days old

2017 National Champion Roadster

I AM His Intelligent Design


Woodland Acres Bi Dandy Fire Design    x     McCarthys Cameo

AMHA     AMHR   31.5"

Click here to see him trot!

Click here to see his birth.

This colt is 37.5% Shetland and his long neck and legs reflect this. Predicted to mature at 32."


I AM a New Creation LR


AMHA   AMHR   DOB  4/20/14

Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE   x  Versatility Farms SomethingAboutMary

This filly is very, very sweet and quiet in nature overall!

Click here to see her trot. This video also shows her mom and dad

Sold to a gentleman in Phoenix....so we hope to see some more of her!


 I AM A Just Cause


AMHA     AMHR         33.5"       DOB  6/14/2008           

Watch Justine trot in this video!!!!

Granddaughter of the great Sids Rebel and a  big mover! Her sire, ERL Rebels Just Cause, is one of my favorite movers. Click here to see her 2012 colt.

Justine is very level headed. She has been driven by beginners and shown by my daughter. I believe that in a very short period of training time, she could be a very competitive  Country Pleasure horse once again. I did video her on May 10th, 2016 driving. She just started up again after a vacation of 3 years. Thus, she needs fine tuning and muscling. That will give her more action and the ability to carry herself on her hind end. However, with her not in shape and not being driven for so long, she is doing very well https://youtu.be/vshEqk7Xg0w



I AM a Charismatic Edition LR

AMHA      AMHR        DOB 4/24/14

 . Predicted to mature about her mom's size at 31".

 Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE    x    I AM Rhythms Cameo

Long hooky neck with trot that rivals her "ballerina mom."  Her mom won 2015 Reserve National Champion in Pleasure (single pleasure) Driving (click here to see video) and her sire won 2015 Reserve National Champion in Stallion Country Pleasure Driving!

Sold to a lady who fell in love at first sight!


2012 Reserve World Grand Champion Country Pleasure Driving!!!! 


Woodland Acre Bi Dandys Fire Design


Sold to Cassidy Blanton and Rich Erickson!

World Show 2012 Results for Design!

Reserve World Champion Amateur Country Pleasure Driving Level 2

Reserve World Champion Country Pleasure 32 and Under

World Champion Ladies Country Pleasure Driving  (33 horses in class)

Reserve World Champion Stallions Country Pleasure Driving


AMHA and AMHR     34+"

 Click here to see what I think is a stunning  mover. Sam has a super  free shoulder that produces lots of extension!

 She produced a phenomenally moving  buckskin colt in 2012 named I AM the Last Roll of Thunder

Her 2014 filly can be seen by clicking here. Sam is bred back the same way and due in April of 2015

Sold, thank you to Ilene!



Versatility Farms SomethingAboutMary

I AM Joy to the World LR


(Joy in Arabic)

 Sired by Rivenburghs Lets Roll SE, her dam is a direct daughter of Rhotens Little Dandy. This makes this filly a great granddaughter of Rhotens Little Dandy on the sire's side and a granddaughter of Rhtotens Little Dandy on the dam's side.


Click here to see her trot video



I AM One More Miracle LR



DOB 10/4/12

Double bred Rhotens Little Dandy.  They say Dandy heads are not pretty. Wrong here! This boy has the prettiest head, awesome neck and is very flashy overall!!

Click here to see him trot


I AM Just a Lil JackRabbit LR



Exported to Canada

Sired by Rivenbughs Let's Roll SE with his dam being a daughter of ERL Rebels Just Cause, we prayed for one just like him. Love how upright he is and his trot!

Click here to see him at one week!

Video link! Turn up your sound!



Maximums Flying Pegasus AMHA

Woods Jule Lynn AMHR 

DOB 4/11/2000        Silver  Bay Buckskin  33.5"-33.75"

In 2005, he won Grand Nat'l Champion Country Pleasure, he also has  TopTens in Roadster and Halter.  He has a great mind and loves to work. He has sired 3 buckskin babies.


Click here to see video of him driving back in 2005 and then at the end is  him driving  currently!

I AM Designs Double Dandy

Deedee's bloodlines include Grosshill Dandys Special Edition, NFCS Dandys Moon Man. She is a daughter of our stallion, Design. Buckskin Dun Pinto. Click here to see her NEW video


Thank you, Terri! May she bless you!

I AM the Rose of Sharon

Rose is a blend of the bloodlines of NFCS Dandys Moon Man, Arenosa and Buckeroo!

AMHA and AMHR registered

Estimated height 33"

DOB 4/20/11

Thank you, Darla!

Painted Suns You Gotta Have Faith



The just shall live by faith. Romans 1:17

Exported to England


 I AM Rhythms Angel

Bloodlines include Grosshills Night Rhythm, Rhotens,Little Dandy, Fallen Ash Farms Talent Scout and LD Scout. I bought this little girl and her "sister" due to their incredible trot.  One blue eye on this black and white pinto. Driving

AMHA  and AMHR registered, 32"


I AM a Joyful Irish Lady

Dam: Wee Wees Double Magic Lady

Sire: Sparkle Plentys Irish Cream

Estimated mature height 32.5" AMHA, AMHR registered. 

Click here to see what a great temperament she has! (video)


Painted Suns Supreme Moon Dream


Dam: Little Kings Supreme Dream

Sire: Desert Shadows Moon Warrior

Very refined build, 31.5" estimated mature height. 

Sold, Thank you Nancy and Pat!

I AM Warrior's Silver Flame


Dam: Tibbs Morning Star

Sire: Desert Shadows Moon Warrior (son of 14x World Champion)


Estimated mature height of 30.5"



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